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Albert Solino's brand Prosoftly helps you classify your customers, gives you a clue about which customer segments are more profitable.

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Customer relationship management (CRM); refers to managing the life cycle of marketing, sales, after-sales, and customer experience processes.

CRM is a kind of business software that helps people to manage their customer communications, sales activities, service processes, and marketing campaigns. CRM is created as a tool to strengthen the sales and marketing process.

CRM stands for business software systems designed to manage interactions among customers, prospects, and sales marketing professionals. Clearly, the goal is to help your business grow steadily. Hence, CRM enables to improve longer-lasting relationships with customers. That means, CRM drives business growth and increases customer loyalty.

Customer relationship management (CRM) shows the principles, practices, and guidelines. Thereby, the organization develops while interacting with its customers. Moreover, this whole relationship encloses direct interactions with customers. That’s why CRM is important for businesses either B2B or B2C.

By using Prosoftly, you can manage your sales on a single cloud-based platform, store your customer data, build strong corporate relations, take advantage of marketing automation, and measure your sales performance.

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Albert Solino CRM Prosoftly, is designed in line with customer experience. Therefore, it is user friendly.

Prosoftly can be used in accordance with any system or software.

E-mail marketing automation, custormer service and task management features are unique to prosoftly CRM.

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