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Albert Solino Consulting

Advantages of Trademark Registration

Albert Solino, with its Trademark Registration Consultancy service, manages this whole cycle and labour-intensive process on behalf of your company; It prevents possible pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages to be experienced during the trademark registration process.

Your trademark stands for your brand! Then, How does registration protect your trademark?


Brands are identities that companies use when interacting with the outside world. The protection of this subjective identity by all relevant laws is only possible with the official Trademark Registration.

Legal Protection

Trademark law in Turkey is governed by the Industrial Property Code 6769 which is to protect the rights relating to trademark, geographical signs, design, patent, utility model and traditional product names and thus to contribute to technological, economic and social progress.

Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TURKPATENT)

Trademark applications should be filed before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TURKPATENT). At the end of the registration process, TURK PATENT gives a registration certificate for your brand and it has been entered in the Register of Trademarks. The certificate of registration is direct evidence that you own the trademark.

How Does the Trademark Registration Process Work?

Trademark Registration Process

Trademark Registration, which is an integral component of the brand strategy for companies, is legally made to TPMK and requires preliminary research, follow-up and serious workforce. It is important to be careful and strategic in this process. You need to make sure your trademark is different from those of others.

Application Via Attorney or Individual

For a positive result of an application, made whether individually or through an attorney, first of all, the conditions of the application must be fulfilled completely, the necessary documents must be submitted in a timely and complete manner, and the process steps must be followed closely without skipping.

Trademark registration processes in TURKPATENT follows as ;

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Albert Solino Consulting

How Albert Solino Supports Your Company through the Trademark Registration Process?

Albert Solino Consulting;

We solidify the basis of the business model by supporting the answers with analytical data; We strengthen short or near-term future strategies with our consultancy support. 

What are we doing Within the Scope of Trademark Application and Trademark Registration Consultancy Service?

Process Management

We carry out the technical stages such as preliminary research, analysis, management of the application, and the follow-up of the objection processes, if any, on behalf of the holders with our expert staff and professional team. We develop the project by considering time, plan and strategy elements and create a sustainable structure.

Trustworthy Registration Process

Albert Solino follows your brand registration processes on behalf of you from the first research and document stage, ensuring that they are carried out safely and completely from A to Z. In this way, we ensure the highest level of efficiency by progressing in the project in a controlled manner.

Time & Work Force Savings

Through the process, which can span up to 1 year, we save your time and work force. By managing possible objection or rejection processes with our professional team and know-how, we prevent your company from possible pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages and save time and work force.

We are ready to support all companies demanding to protect the identity and value of their brand with our consultancy services; because we are aware of the importance of 'Brand Value'.

Albert Solino Consulting

Trademark Application & Trademark Registration Consultancy

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