Investment Incentive Certificate and Legislation Consulting

Investment Incentive Certificate and Legislation Consulting 
1- Investment Consulting
Our service package includes the following services:

  • Preparing scenarios in various alternative provinces to find the best place for the investment
  • Preparing, based on these scenarios, possible budget and benefit scenarios for the incentive which may be got in both the short and long term
  • Holding a brainstorming meeting with company’s senior management to make a decision in the light of these scenarios.

2- Preparation of the Reports and Documentation Necessary for the Investment Incentive Certificate and Consulting During Application 
Our service package includes the following services:

  • Preparation of the necessary INVESTMENT INFORMATION FORM to get Investment Incentive Certificate.
  • Consulting on the Process of Application for Investment Incentive Certificate
  • Consulting on the corporate documents required for application
  • Following up the application process and making necessary revisions in  INVESTMENT INFORMATION FORM



  1. Name / Business Name:The name or business name of the investor as registered in the relevant trade registry gazettes is entered here.

  2. Correspondence Address:The current correspondence address ofthe Investor is entered here.

  3. Telephone / fax / e-mail/ website:
    Other contact information of the Investor is entered here.

  4. Capital:
     The capital and shareholding structure is entered here according to the latest capital structure of the investor as specified in the relevant trade registry gazette.

  5. Tax office / tax ID number: 
     The tax office and tax ID number of the Investor is entered here.

  6. Employer’s Number of Registration in Social Security Organization
     The employer’s number of registration in social security organization for the Investment place where the  investment is planned to be made, si entered here. This field is left blank for completely-new investments.

  7. Contact details of the persons of the project officers
     The contact details of the persons who can provide technical information for the project during the project evaluation phase are entered here.

Information on the Investment

  1. Province, district, address where the investment is locate; name of the organized industrial estate if it is in an organized industrial estate; leasing information if leased:The information on the place of investment are entered here. If the investment is in an organized industrial estate, a land allocation letter issued by the estate’s management is required. In addition, if the land or building where  the investment is planned to be made is leased, the leasing information is provided.

  2. Type of Investment:
     Completely-new investment, expansion, modernization, product diversification and integration, as applicable, is entered here.

  3. Sector and Subject of Investment:
     The relevant sector and a short description of the subject of the investment is specified here.  For example, Manufacturing – Automotive Supply Industry, Services

– Hotel development, Energy – Wind to Electricity investment etc.

  1. Investment Start Date: 
    It is entered in month and year according to the date of application.  For example, February 2012, June 2013 etc.

  2. Investment End Date:
    The planned end date of the investment is entered in month and year here.

  3. Existing Employment: 
    The existing employment is entered here based on the average of the last six-month period.  For the seasonal investments, the existing employment is entered here based on the seasonal average of the previous year. This field is left blank for completely-new investments.

  4. Anticipated Additional Employment: 
    Additional employment to be provided as a result of the investment.

  5. Capacity of Project: 
    The volume of goods and services manufactured in the plant in a shift and to be manufactured additionally.  If it has already been manufacturing, the production capacity in the capacity report is entered.

  6. Short Description of Project: 
    The project will be described shortly indicating the reason why this project is needed and the production technology used by it, general information on the industry, market information on the goods or services to be manufactured etc.

  7. Production Flow Diagram: 
    Production diagrams are given in the form of flow diagram. This field may be prepared as an attachment to the investment information form. The anticipated staffing for each phase is also specified in the flow diagram.  In addition, machinery and equipment listed in machinery and equipment lists are included in the production flow diagram.

  8. Requested Support Elements
     The requested ones of the support elements set out in the decision are checked taking the region, industry and size of the investment.

Total Fixed Investment Table

  1. A) Land:Total land area is calculated specifying the size (in m2) and unit price (in TL/m2) of the land to be acquired.

  2. B) Building-Construction:
     Total building-construction cost is calculated specifying the area in m2 and unit values for the main goods/service production building and plants, administrative buildings and other building-construction expense items.

  3. C) Machinery and Equipment: 
    The costs of import and domestic machinery and equipment related to manufacturing are calculated based on the FOB prices for the imported machinery and equipment and the value added tax exempted prices for domestic machinery and equipment.   In addition, a list of imported and domestic machinery and equipment is prepared in two copies using the attached form.

    D) Other expenses:
     (included in the investment cost) The following costs are calculated and reflected to the items indicated opposite of each:
  • survey and design costs,
  • costs of machinery and equipment which are not directly related to the goods and service production – to the auxiliary machinery and equipment costs.
  • Expenses incurred during the supply of import machinery and equipment – to the import and custom clearance costs.
  • Freight and insurance costs,
  • All costs related to main plant and auxiliary installations- to the installation costs.
  • financial expenses for the period in which investment is made and other investment costs which are related to investment, but not specified above  – to the other costs.

Financial Statement of Investment

The information on the financing of Investment is calculated and written in consistent with the total fixed investment amount.

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