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Stats Proving the Importance of Social Media Consulting

2021 in Numbers

The average time spent on social media in 1 day was 2 hours 59 minutes; 41.3% of social media users were women; 78.7% of internet users used social media channels for information, services and purchases of brands and products.

69 Million Users

As a result of the intense use of social media by consumers during the pandemic, the number of social media users in Turkey has reached 69 million, and the rate of advertising for this potential has also increased.

In 2022;

According to the most recent 2022 data, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on consumer habits has had a positive impact on the digital world. Additionally, the share of all channels in digital platforms, from e-commerce to social media, has increased significantly in terms of investments.

60,49% Investment Share

Social media investments ranked first among digital marketing investments with a share of 60.49%. In numbers, social media channels have a pie share of 11,413 million TL as of 2022.

Target, Investment & Sales Oriented

According to the most up-to-date data, it has become inevitable for companies and brands to work with a professional social media consultant for investment and sales-oriented social media management.

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