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Remote Work Consulting

We offer customized solutions for your company in order to create an efficient and sustainable workforce online!

Remote Working System Has Proved Itself as The Preferable Working Model of The Decade. We Offer Customized Solutions to Our Clients in order to Protect Business Continuity and Efficiency.

Get in touch now with our expert consultants to discover the potential of your company for working remotely!

Benefits of Remote Working Consulting

Work-Life Balance

Remote Working Consulting improves daily routine of your employees
outside of the office and enables to manage the work-life balance.


Remote Work Consulting provides the tools for recruitment with a remote or hybrid working model, retaining top talented employees and identification of remote working teams.

Performance Management

An effective performance management is possible within the remote working policy. With the purpose of increasing productivity and identifying improvement areas our consultants build the roadmaps for the accurate performance management.


Remote Working Consultants also provide strategic management for a sustainable business model for the remotely or hybrid working teams.

Albert Solino Consulting provides tailormade solutions with a sustainable remote working model including effective communication practices and virtual teamwork.

Albert Solino Consulting

How to Measure Performance Management within Remote Working?

Why is Remote Work Important for The Business?


The transportation and traffic congestion are totally eliminated for an employee working remotely. Hence the energy is saved and canalized to work without loss.


Companies inevitably shift towards virtual environments. Digitalization of records and archives become possible for keeping the track of corporate memory via remote working practices.

Software Usage

Telecommuting systems such as documents on clouds, virtual meetings, e-mails, chats etc. are used more efficiently with the scope of remote working to keep the workflow running smoothly. Tasks are completed faster, better and more easily by this means of these technologies.

Health Care

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak still threatens lives, therefore the most important advantage of working from home is health issues. During COVID-19 pandemic health risks are minimized with working remotely.

Time Saving

Since the transportation and traffic congestion problems are solved permanently, the time is saved as well as the energy. Employees work more efficiently without time loss.

Specific Hours

It has been always problematic to arrive a physical office on time and catch up a meeting both for workers and clients; the scheduled times were frequently affected in a negative way. Thanks to remote working facilities, "to be late to the meeting" problem is almost out of agenda.

Albert Solino, provides consulting services on choosing the right software tools in order to ensure corporate identity and integrity while the teams are working remotely.

Albert Solino Consulting

Why Should You Prefer Albert Solino for Transition to Remote Working Model?

How Do We Deliver Our Remote Working Consulting Services?

We Listen to You First

As the remote work consultant near you, we schedule a meeting to figure out your company’s' requirements and expectations; further steps are organized in accordance with this meeting and implemented in a sustainable way via operational success team.

In-depth Analysis

We collect all the data, taking into account your target positions, strategies and expectations. Then we use the right analysis tools to formulate the best approach for your company's process.

Review of Departments & Modelling

After examining the roles of the departments, we measure the tendency to work remotely with the RCS (Remote Conformity Score), a scoring system developed by Albert Solino. The RCS evaluates the departments according to the remote working principles.


According to the RCS score, we determine which remote working model is appropriate for the departments in line with the Remote Working Spectrum (developed by Albert Solino). Then the best practices are implemented through the driven results.

1. Organization and Process Design

Organizational configuration and remote working process designs which are suitable for remote working.

2. Procedures & Regulations

Determining the relevant rules (meeting, workshop, etc.) within the scope of remote work, then pouring the determined rules into regulations and procedures and implementing change management.

3. Legal Scope

Establishment of appropriate legal texts and processes in order to comply with the teleworking regulation.

4. Digitization Scope

After the digital situation analysis, building and implementing a digital transformation roadmap by developing strategies suitable for company goals.

We offer customized solutions to all companies in the aim of supporting the sustainable remote working model.

Albert Solino Consulting

Remote Work Consulting

Get in touch now with our expert consultants to discover the potential of your company for working remotely!

FAQs About Remote Working System

Is Telecommuting Right for Every Company?

Working remotely is not 100% adaptable for every sector or every company; however most of the companies have the chance for remote working at least partly. For instance, remote work is much more convenient for white collars.

Why do Companies Choose Remote Work System?


  • Establishing better work–life balance.
  • Remote or hybrid recruitment possibilities and retaining top talented employees
  • More autonomy and digitalization
  • Higher productivity.
  • Less loss of time and increasing motivation.
    Albert Solino offers tailored-made solutions to any company in the aim of supporting the sustainable remote working model.

How to Measure Performance Management within Remote Working?

Albert Solino grant that performance management and KPIs which are used in traditional working standards are implemented virtually as well. We offer performance measurement services, including KPIs, by using management tools and OKR software when necessary. We reorganize your office virtually both for employees and clients by telecommuting and documentation systems with the support of best business management software.