Albert Solino Academy is established with an idea of learning should be beyond bachelor's degree, college education or just a graduation certificate or any diplomas. Today there is an apparent gap between the graduate students of distinguished faculties and actual business life. Students recieve the BAs, MAs and such diplomas according to these degrees; however, in reality they have very little or no experience about the jobs they are actually responsible for. Pioneer institutions both in Turkey and globally have a certain quality of theoretical education; on the other hand training active work force for the labor market still falls behind the needs.

In short, learning process is divided into the act of acquiring knowledge in school and the workplace where the acquired knowledge is applied. On the contrary, continuous learning must an essential part of our lives.
The core vision of Albert Solino Academy is to create a lifelong learning process and to provide necessary instruments to individual in order to achieve that goal. In addition to this, the mission of the Albert Solino Academy is to walk with candidates on the side of education and career planning. Candidates are always advised to continue the education process and self-improvement.

As a legal employment office Albert Solino Academy aims the further development of companies by presenting conscious, educated and open-minded candidates.
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After graduating from university, a diploma is given and on that diploma, for example, it says mechanical engineer. Of course, this is gratifying. After studying for 4 years, when the school is over, suddenly you become an engineer and you are given the signing authority. This means that with a mechanical engineering diploma, for example, a project related to the mechanical installation of a building has been made or the signature of mechanical engineers in building inspection companies is also required, the authority to sign those projects is given, but when you think about it, it has been studied for 4 years, but nothing is known about those projects. Theoretically, many things were learned, both with certificates of achievement and honors at school, but when we look at it, we see that that signature authority should not be given as a correct one. Because the diploma holder does not have those competencies yet. Therefore, the diploma is given without knowing much about that profession when you graduate from the best universities in the world today. When we look at the institutions, that engineering diploma is considered a condition. However, that diploma by itself does not provide much data on the ability of the other party to do business. In order to sign projects, it is necessary to have worked on those projects for 2-5 years and to prove some things. At this point, some certificates and diplomas given by educational institutions are valuable things, of course, but we can see that they are not compatible with today's reality, and that it is not correct to give signature authority just by having that diploma. Despite this, the education system, which dates back to 15 years, continues in the same way. It is necessary to see that valuable institutions and valuable universities do not fully prepare individuals for today's practical conditions.

For example, a person who graduated from software engineering may not even have knowledge of code . A graduate of Graphic Design Department may not even have learned a proper drawing program related to design until his first job and may have received his diploma. In the light of many examples that can be given in this way, it is necessary to be conscious that competencies can be developed by looking a little critically so that candidates who can add value to companies develop and the company can achieve success with this value.

The first thing noticed at Albert Solino Academy; The trainings given in universities or educational institutions are generally given theoretically and teach only something; learning to learn. How to acquire knowledge about any subject? After acquiring knowledge about that subject, it gives experience such as how to put it into practice. Learning to learn is the beginning of everything, but it often creates a sense of completeness and is perceived as the end. However, learning is not a sea that is shallow enough to end, or a pool that is narrow enough. There is always more than what you want to achieve. Albert Solino Academy aims to instill just that. No harm has been encountered due to knowledge, but many errors have been encountered due to ignorance.

With the current point of view, graduated students have just started life and they think that many job doors will open with an inexperience situation, however in fact, the learning process just begins. As people pass from education to an unfamiliar stage, generally settled habits begin to surface; accessibility, being able to have a job with little effort, the idea that the existing knowledge is sufficient. But it doesn't take long to face reality...

The individual becomes the owner of the profession in which he works in his business life. Rather than the department he studied, he becomes the owner of the position he is in business life, and most importantly, he begins to learn that profession. Therefore, it is beneficial for new graduates to be aware of this. Of course, this does not mean that they will not work in the department where they are trained. If the graduate continues to develop, learn and equip himself in line with his field, of course, he can perform the profession written in his diploma. However, the day after graduating from university, a person should not hide behind theoretical knowledge, considering that he has no practical knowledge about his own profession. It is one of the most important points in today's market that he is always open to the world, knowledge and learning, and never stops himself with the phrase "that's enough". The sentence “I have not read this chapter, this is not my job” contains a logic that limits the human being and hinders his development. Instead, one should act with the desire to have all the information about a subject that interests him, by being selective in perception. One of the things that will contribute the most; The part that is read is to be performed in different sectors. E.g; Someone who has studied Industrial Product Design designs products for people by considering all conditions. So can UX design? He has not received any training in this field, but that does not mean he cannot do it. Maybe you can start one step ahead of the people working in the UX industry; perspective. If he can apply the information he learned in the product design training to the field of UX design, he can approach the events from a completely different perspective and turn his situation into an advantage very easily. That's why I didn't read this part. What am I going to do here?" instead of “How can I use the chapter I read useful here?” he can search for the answer to this.

Albert Solino Academy is an idea born out of the emergence of the deficiency in the world and in our country. In this shortcoming, the human resource is not fully present in accordance with today's economic conditions. The Albert Solino Academy, which was created, eliminates these deficiencies in today's conditions and trains effective and competent personnel at the highest level. Some companies look at core competencies, managerial competencies and various functional competencies, but at the end of the day, the most important thing they look at is; learning ability. It is checked whether the candidates are open to learning new things and whether they have an innovative perspective. Let's say there is a job posting for Albert Solino Consulting and a graduate of materials and metallurgy has applied. Our company does not provide any service in this field, but if the applicant makes an approach such as "I am open to learning in general, I have analytical thinking competence, I am disciplined", this is a valuable preliminary observation for us.

At the end of the day, Albert Solino Academy is an idea that emerges from the point of selecting the human resource in line with the needs of Albert Solino Consulting and training it inside after selecting it. As Albert Solino Consulting, we serve all sectors in the field of consultancy and we have many clients, including the largest companies in the country. We see similar problems with our customers during personnel recruitment. Most of the companies we provide consultancy do not know how to make a selection in terms of human resources. First of all, it should start with training, not selecting human resources.

There are many people who do not want to study at university. 17-18 year olds are at the point of career determination, but they don't have to stick to it. At this point, we identify them and provide our approach by saying "what can be done to these candidates, what can be given as Albert Solino Academy or Albert Solino Consultancy firm". Choosing means that candidates should apply to us, if there is a position in our consultancy company, rather than saying "let there be selected candidates, we will get them from there". 

While we did not have enough knowledge on the education side as Albert Solino, we achieved success in many places by improving our competencies, constantly learning, and trying to improve ourselves in this field, and then the idea of establishing the Albert Solino Academy emerged in the light of these experiences.

Benefits of Albert Solino Academy

What will I gain when I apply to the Albert Solino Academy? 

The first thing that experienced, newly graduated and student candidates should do is to know what they want and what they do not want. Because otherwise, they apply for a place, they work there for a few months, and then they realize that this job isn't a good fit. They switch to another job. Let's say they didn't have a chance there, they didn't like that job, and then they enter another field. The main risk here is: The odds of someone changing jobs that fast to get a job at another good company are getting weaker. No company will look favorably on an island that works for 3-5 months and goes elsewhere. Therefore, at this point, the consultancy sector will be a good start for candidates. In the consulting industry, there are a lot of hat-wearing opportunities under the consultancy title. In other words, the candidate who wants to see the production side of a company can take part in the management-strategy side of a company that is interested in the management side of a consultancy company, or sail to the R&D consultancy side at the point where they are curious about the more technical side. In this sense, Albert Solino will provide a very powerful vision for candidates. If they start working under Albert Solino Consulting, they can work anywhere within a period of 6 months. If the candidate has R&D, management, marketing, product development, accounting, he can even take part in software development, but if he will not start the work under the roof of Albert Solino Consulting, we apply various tests by directing him to the academy side.

Don't Hesitate to Improve Your Career!

In Albert Solino Academy, many tests are applied from basic competency tests to personal tests, and the talents of the candidates are revealed. In this context, communication with the candidate is continued by using various tests and software tools, and accordingly, various training contents are presented to the candidate.

The academy, which is carried out with expert consultants, always has the quality of showing the candidates the answer to the question "Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years".

What are The Benefits of Albert Solino Academy?

Albert Solino, as a veteran consultancy company, has a great range of consulting services. Additionally, Albert Solino is a certified recruitment agency serving in Turkey.

Application to Albert Solino Academy provides;

The chance to test yourself in various sections and gain experience in different departments such as strategic management, R&D center management or digital marketing management.
The opportunity to take the career tests in order to recognize the self-talents for long term career plans.
Two sided knowledge interaction.
The possibility to leave the comfort zone and discover out of the shell.
Adaptation to the new technologies and ability to solve problems by investigation & learning discipline.

It is possible to acquire technical knowledge by a standard intelligence level. Besides that, basic skills should always be open for improvement. Providing that a candidate is curious enough and also eager to search & learn, the growth goal is apparently achievable for him or her.

The common age for college is 18, however middle aged people at 50s also apply to universities. Therefore, education is timeless.

Which Steps Should Candidates Take Into Account?

In the light of our experience of up to 15-20 years as Albert Solino Consulting firm, we will pay attention to the elements that we prioritize. In line with these acquired experiences, candidates will be trained under the umbrella of the academy, their reactions will be analyzed and certain tests will be applied. For example, one of the most common mistakes faced by employees who have graduated from very valuable universities in our country, have a master's degree or even a master's degree, is the way they use Turkish. There can be very serious problems when writing mail, ranging from poor expression to grammar. Under normal circumstances, individuals who make these mistakes are university graduates, maybe have written pages of projects and reports, but they can make very serious mistakes that should not be made normally. In this direction, one of the test contents applied to the candidates is to write an article. The main point of this article is to see how effectively he uses Turkish and what kind of organization and order he is in. Thoughts and bright ideas are appreciated, but the main point is how he presents those brilliant ideas.

One of the topics in the content of another test is "What time will you come to a meeting that starts at 10?" is the question. At this point, the experience of academy trainers shows that; There are those who come after 5 and those who come at a quarter past. The answers given to the question "What time should I come to the meeting at 10" are analyzed, and the answers that emerge afterwards are analyzed. For example, if a candidate says 09:30, it indicates that he is a cautious candidate. If someone else says 09:55, it means that he is trying to use his time until the meeting time in the most efficient way. If another candidate says he will come at 10:00, this shows that he can take risks in a negative way. For example, “What would you do if you showed up at 10:01 to a meeting that started at 10?” a question is asked, followed by "Will you apologize for 1 minute or will you enter as if nothing happened?" he is asked. There are many possible answers;

  •       I do not make a sound so as not to interrupt the meeting,
  •       I say, I'm sorry,
  •       I enter as if nothing happened.
  •       Nothing happens for a minute.

In the United States, they ask the following question on the driver's license; In a place where the speed limit is 50 km per hour, how fast can you go? The answer to the question is of course 50 km. If the meeting starts at 10, it must be entered at 10 at the latest. In this way, it is evaluated whether the candidates fall into traps in their answers with interesting questions. The aim here is to instill a certain idea in the candidates.

Bu bağlamda bazı temel unsurların, üniversite mezunu insanlarda olmaması bir eksikliktir. Aileden tutunda ilkokul, ortaokul, lise ve üniversite olmak üzere inanlar eğitim süreçlerinden geçiyor ama zaman yönetiminde başarı sağlayamıyorlar. Bunun en büyük nedenlerinden biri okul hayatı yıllarca devam eden bir süreçtir ve iş hayatına keskin bir şekilde geçişte disiplinin önemini anlarken bocalama durumu olabiliyor.

Another example is that there is something that everyone should do and learn right now; use of computer. Something's happened to someone's computer and they're thinking of sending it to a computer guy for maintenance right away. The computer is now an integrated device like a mobile phone, and computer-based information needs to be known and solutions need to be produced. We see that even our professors can be weak in the use of technology during university time. So, this is a problem for everyone in general, not just students. But the following needs to be realized; can be learned. The most important thing is to be able to adapt easily. This is a worldwide problem, not unique to our country. Turkish society is a society that is much more competent, authoritative and adaptable than many other countries, it is just a bit accustomed culturally and does not think it possible to do it for itself. Since families do not think that their children are capable of doing many things enough, they can discourage children by making them stand back. However, the person you give the computer to repair is a human being. Since it is not in the job description, it is said that "I cannot do this", but these must be overcome because it is necessary to focus on the main subject. Our main focus is to learn, develop and improve. We need to identify our shortcomings realistically and implement them.

In business life, there are very serious issues that need to be learned not technically but within basic competencies. It is aimed that the candidates who will apply to the academy will learn these details precisely in terms of basic competencies. Technical knowledge can be learned with a standard intelligence, but basic competencies can be developed. Everything is possible for candidates if there is a desire to learn, if they are open to innovation, and if they are sensitive about these points. 18 is known as the university age, but there are people in the world who start university at the age of 50. This is one of the best examples that learning has no age. People should be able to see them when they look around.

One of the most important mistakes is the taboo "you don't have a diploma, this is not your profession". However, your job is what you do. The taboo "No diploma, this is not your profession" argues that people who did not go to school but are in very good places do not have any profession. A diploma is not a profession. Bill Gates is a person who dropped out of school, but he did not stop learning. Everyone can improve themselves seriously, and then they can go to school. Therefore, going to school and having a diploma does not mean that you have that profession in itself. Then what you do and what you learn becomes your main profession. However, when it is a diploma, it is a reference, but even if you start the job easily at first with that reference, if you are deficient in the basic competence, your diploma will have no meaning and you will be fired from that job.

In summary, although Albert Solino Academy creates a negative perception because it reveals the shortcomings of the applicants at first, it can be observed that this is the greatest benefit it can provide for the candidates when the essence of the work is examined. The academy imposes on the applicants the horizon that knowledge should not be limited with the diploma received, that learning is not a phenomenon that can be limited, and that all jobs that can be done within the framework of competencies can be a human profession, and offers them the most suitable company and position for their future careers. In today's business life, the value of this service is felt by the candidates after receiving the training and starting the business life.

How Does the Application Process Proceed?

When we receive a request from our experienced, inexperienced and student candidates, the academy provides feedback and the process begins with mutual communication. Therefore, as we said at the beginning, after sending the candidate's CV and applying, case studies are sent to him and various tests are performed. According to the responses to this case study, if the candidate applied to Albert Solino's consultancy field, we carry out this process by contacting our candidate by phone and asking various questions, but if the application was made to the Albert Solino Academy, then the process proceeds differently. The case study is sent and an analysis is made according to the results, the development areas there are given to the candidate, and the process starts within the framework of the trainings that are recommended within the framework of those development areas, and the trainings are ensured to start the process by directing the links to the candidate. If there is an outside training that is thought to be more useful, these trainings are recommended. Candidates report this to the academy after receiving the training and are subjected to tests related to the training. Candidates who really take the tests complete the most important step in the process because usually the candidates may give up by not showing patience at the beginning, but a candidate who has come to the testing stage of the training has really shown a serious commitment and proven himself. Candidates who do not give up on any difficulties and continue a long process in order to receive training are halfway through their recruitment adventure at the right points. Candidates must be able to embark on a long road. And in the light of all the data obtained, the process is progressing. 

What are the Steps of Albert Solino Academy's Recruitment Process?

Albert Solino Academy is a very rigorous process, especially for companies. In this context, it has emerged as an institution that trains, trains and develops candidates. The biggest advantage provided to the candidates applying to Albert Solino Academy is that the necessary in-company competencies that Albert Solino Consulting firm has gained experience from many of the companies it provides services to are instilled in each of the candidates in the academy, both industrially and professionally.

Academy tests carried out under the umbrella of Albert Solino Consulting are collected in a cloud system with Albert Solino software. Tests, analyzes and results are compiled in this software and can be easily accessed if needed. Candidates asked if any of the questions "I wonder if my file is lost, what if I overlooked it among so many people?" By avoiding such concerns, the data is stored in a software environment and kept in a place that can be accessed when needed. Candidates can call the academy or contact the academy for any questions during this process.

To summarize, the idea of ​​Albert Solino Academy was born out of the fact that the university was insufficient in the ever-changing and developing world. The Academy, advocating knowledge, development, improvement, learning and teaching, is an institution that trains its applicants in this direction, as well as the idea that one should always walk forward. Albert Solino Academy is a training system that adds a lot of value to companies and raises awareness for the country, where psychologies that are worn out during job applications, people who are placed in the wrong positions and who work unhappy, and employees who think they are inadequate can improve themselves and gain a lot of information in line with their careers. There is never a concept of late or early. Whenever you start, the doors of development open. So what are you waiting for improvement?

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What Does Albert Solino Offer for Canditates?

Albert Solino Academy, firstly exposes the deficiencies of the candidates , and this may create a negative perspective at first glance. However, defining the failures and building a roadmap to fix these is also a part of improvement. Candidates searching for job opportunities should be eager to learn the methods for change and self-growth. Eliminating the cons is a part of that process, inevitably.

According to Albert Solino’s vision the acquired knowledge is not limited with university degree and adaptation to the new circumcantes; life learning is possible and a person can have various skills and abilities available to turn into new titles besides BA degree. At least but not last one should keep the horizons wide for self-growth. Albert Solino Academy provides this vision to candidates in order to shape their future goals and career options. Finally consultants at the Academy lead candidates to the most proper firms and positions in line with the needs and skills. Albert Solino, as an experienced in consulting firm, emphasis the desire for learning and adaptation. We believe anyone volunteer to self-improve is going to achieve success; than success brings mutually proud and continuous learning brings achievements.

Albert Solino is legally certified agency providing job requirement services for other companies. Albert Solino ensures that the right candidates are trained and employed for other companies, including Albert Solino and its divisions Alkaze, Prosoftly and Corvisio brands as well.
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