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Intellectual & Industrial Property Rights Consultancy

Albert Solino Consultancy conducts effective portfolio management, research, follow-up and registration processes of all strategic intellectual and industrial property management under a single roof.

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Albert Solino's Intellectual Property Rights Consultancy service keeps your original inventions and ideas safe!

Acting with the awareness that the protection of intellectual property rights is much more than a registration application, we strategically plan your intellectual property assets and offer you a holistic portfolio management. 


Patent and Utility Models


Industrial Design

4 Stages of Intellectual Property Consultancy


Intellectual and industrial property rights consultancy, offered under the roof of Albert Solino Consulting, is an integral part of your company's industrial property strategy. It keeps projections for the future with the property portfolio it creates while evaluating today.

International Protection

A Turkish trademark may be valid and enforceable only in Turkey, but not overseas. You would be required to undergo separate filing in each country where you intend to have your trademark protected. Managing this process requires experience and professional expertise.

Internal Protection

The Intellectual Property Rights system in Turkey is there to help innovators protect their inventions, industrial designs, trademarks, artistic works, and so on. Turkish Patent and Trademark Office provides them with ownership over their work and the legal rights. An expert perspective is essential for the correct and institutional evaluation of these rights.

Uninterrupted End to End Service

In order to benefit from the legal protection umbrella and the material and moral rights that this protection will provide, within the scope of Intellectual Property Rights Consultancy, uninterrupted consultancy service from the first stage of the project, from A to Z, is provided by the expert team of Albert Solino.

As Albert Solino, we believe that the intangible intellectual and industrial products of company structures are a strategic business tool and a unique financial leverage, and we stand by you for your Intellectual Property Consultancy needs at every stage of your development.

Strategic Importance of Intellectual Property Consulting Services

Intellectual property right is singular and progresses with corporate identity: 

Because within the scope of intellectual and industrial rights,

Companies aiming to be one step ahead in the industry, must grant their commercial success by ensuring the management and protection of products and the acquisition of intellectual property rights of their assets.

Advantages of Intellectual Property Consultancy and Portfolio Management Service

Pre-Application Search

Checking steps of the existing intellectual and industrial rights (trademarks, patents and utility models, industrial designs) to learn if your innovation is unique, not lead to confusion or market oriented.

Intellectual Property Due Diligence

Due diligence analyses companies’ intellectual and industrial rights, in terms of registration, use and protection status, strengths, weaknesses, potential risks and opportunities.

Intellectual Property Audit

An intellectual property rights audit is a systematic check of a company's Intellectual Property assets and it has critical importance for commercial potential.

Procedure Design

Establishing the internal strategy of intellectual and industrial rights with clear documents and sharing them with the stakeholders.

Corporate Culture

Creating in-house awareness of the importance of intellectual and industrial property, ensuring its sustainability by sharing ideas with the relevant departments and managers.

Financial Benefits

Providing process management and consultancy on how to use intellectual property rights within the framework of incentive and support opportunities, licensing and collaborations as well as budgets and balance sheets.

Support Continuity

In a way that covers the whole process; dynamic progress by keeping the flow active with regular follow-up of the projects, informing about the updates, regular reporting and monthly meetings.

Albert Solino takes the registration processes beyond simple applications with its Intellectual Property Consultancy and Portfolio Management Service; it adds value to your company's intellectual and industrial property.

What are we doing in 10 Steps Within the Scope of Intellectual Property Consultancy and Portfolio Service?

How Does Albert Solino Support Your Company in the Process of Intellectual & Industrial Property Rights Consultancy?

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Albert Solino Consulting is ready to cooperate in order to support your corporate identity with Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights!

Intellectual & Industrial Property Rights Consultancy

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