Digitization in Human Resources Management

Benefits of Digital Transformation for Businesses

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  • Digital Transformation ensures effective execution in any business or organizational activities
  • As far as digital transformation stages are completed step by step, the operating costs may reduce gradually.
  • Digital Transformation adds effective and intelligent value to your business based on stored data. 
  • Digital Transformation processes in every aspect of the business create better outcomes or turn the current process into benefit by quickly analyzing large amounts of data.
  • It is possible to make process analysis and instant access to information via data-oriented processes; additionally operations gain speed.

Benefits of The Digitalization of Human Resources Processes

Companies managing HR processes digitally take the advantage of acceleration and automation of the work. Because, every firm has an accounting software program, the benefits of using it is related to HR as well. Increasing digitalization influences various business activities including such as recruitment, human resources management , satisfaction surveys, leave management, talent management, competency-based performance evaluations and career planning etc.

The digitalization levels of HR departments differ from country to country.

Top 10 Benefits of E-Recruitment

Five advantages of online recruitment are listed as follows:

  • Online recruitment offers a better recruitment experience for candidates.
  • E-Recruitment provides the ability to manage big data. 
    •  For instance, if a company has a recruitment form on its website, some of the job applications may be sent via e-mail which means the company is partly digitalized but that is essentially insufficient.
  • Online recruitment provides automation of repetitive processes.
  • It is possible to handle data-oriented analyzes via digital database.
    • Digitalization in recruitment provides collecting and creating data and analyzing of data for feedback or improving of processes.
  • Finally it's cost-effective.

Albert Solino's Services within the Scope of 360 Degree Digitalization in Human Resources Processes

Human Resources Selection Process

  • Firstly our teams handle current situation analysis for digitalization in HRM.
  • Our expert teams evaluates the HR process of the company in 360 degrees in every aspect through the current situation analysis, and as a result of it a digitalization scorecard is created. dijitalleşme karnesi çıkarıyoruz. 
  • We manage job ads beginning with the recruitment processes, including posting job advertisements, posting job postings on different job search platforms, creating a form on the company's website, postings on social media platforms. 
  • We analyze and design of the recruitment processes.
  • We reshape the recruitment process effectively.
  • We share recommendations for improving the existing processes.

Human Resources Placement Process

  • We evaluate the steps that candidates should take during the recruitment process.
  • We implement process analysis & design. Within the recruitment processes, we analyze the virtual actions, software usage and acceleration of usage levels; then we reorganize the process where necessary.
  • After the process analysis, a digitalization scorecard emerges according to measures such as leave management, career planning, employee and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • After current situation analysis, the point target is identified within the scope of digitalization. In line with the current situation analysis, we determined the best international examples and benefits of digitalization. By means of these the increasing costs and satisfaction areas are described. Finally the future (target) goal is identified.
  • We reveal the difference between the current situation and the targeted situation with the development roadmap and project cards created by our team. We reveal the steps such as; “From A to B, there is a roadmap named X; and project Y should be handled for the roadmap X. The duration of Y projects is Z.” The roadmap is built with recommendations and validation of the company. The execution of the projects may be handled by company or by Albert Solino.

Albert Solino's main aim is; to increase the level of digitalization in HR departments within the companies which improves the firms in general. We design the projects that will truly maximize the value of digitalization with minimum cost. We guide our clients in a win-win way. We encourage companies to use their own software; unless we recommend Albert Solino's trademark software. As a successful consulting company Albert Solino has carried out many projects with many different companies on digitalization. Get in touch with our teams and Discover us now!


Digitization in Human Resources Management

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