Considering the possibility that you plan to implement proper SEO strategies to your business' website, first thing that you need to know is where to start. Conducting an SEO analysis provides you the essential information to begin with the process. By using data analyses for an effective SEO strategy, you firstly identify the plan for improvements and optimization.

Then let's begin with a question: What exactly is SEO analysis? On what grounds should you consider about before getting started?


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Digital marketing has proven itself as the new medium and it gets a greater piece of the pie compared to traditional marketing in 21st century.

In short, digital marketing refers all marketing activities carried out through online channels such as online ads, social media, e-mail marketing, SEM and SEO. Companies and brands use these channels in order to reach the potential customers to promote & sell services and products.

You can find details about SEO analysis, which is the backbone of digital marketing in this article. 

Let's dive deeper...

What is SEO Analysis?

Do you wonder What is SEO? The term SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". Today the initials of this term, defines the whole effective content process on your website. SEO enables individuals or companies to attract potential customers to their businesses by improving the page ranking of the related website in organic search engine results. Because of the fact that the most popular search engine is Google, SEO term generally refers to Google SEO.

For a better performance through the search engine results, the websites should be optimized by SEO-friendly contents.

For instance, a furniture company aims to be ranked in the first page among search results for the keyword "living room sofas". For this purpose, the whole improvement process is identified as SEO optimization.

The main benefit of SEO is that you can get “free” and organic traffic to your website by means of the focus keywords. Therefore, SEO is a good investment tool in reaching potential customers.

By means of SEO Analysis, the problems preventing high ranking among the search engine results are identified. Additionally, the most accurate keyword strategies in accordance with search engines' algorithms can be analyzed and an efficient sectorial competitive analysis can be conducted. Through SEO analysis and by balancing the search volume of specific keywords, professional SEO teams identify the goals, define the target audience and drive valuable traffic to the company's website.

To understand the necessity of SEO analysis and essentially the need behind it, we first need to reveal the meaning of SEO. This term is Search Engine Optimization Optimizing your website means the process of increasing its visibility when users search for products or services related to your business in web search engines. In this way, the visibility of your web page in search results increases, attracts attention and attracts the potential of target users.


SEO analysis can be conducted in various steps. Such as;

  • On-Page SEO Analysis
  • Off-Page SEO Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Product & Service Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Mobile Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis

It is possible to build the strategic roadmap for the website according to all of these analyzes.

A solid SEO strategy will be effective if supported with accurate Google Ads, content optimization, powerful social media management and ads along with brand awareness.

Why Is SEO Analysis Important for Your Business?

Search engines, such as Google, ranks the results according to certain algorithms which are periodically updated for better pin point search results. Here is the hint: the SEO roadmap for a website should also be updated and optimized periodically. Because, within a constant growing industry, the strategy must be revised in line with upcoming technologies.

SEO strategies are developed with a success-oriented approach, whereas SEO analyzes are vital within this process in order to observe the effectiveness of the strategies.

With SEO, your content is more likely to rank higher in search results and appear first to users when they search for relevant keywords. That's why we can point out that search engines use certain algorithms and KPIs to direct online traffic to one site or another.

 How to Conduct an
SEO Analysis?

For a successful SEO analysis,

you should first check these certain steps: 

  • On-Page SEO Analysis
  • Off-Page SEO Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Product & Service Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Mobile Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Web Design Development

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the very first vital item at the checklist. Internal links, images, site speed are such factors effecting the on-site SEO. Recently, Google algorithm makes it easier for fast-running websites to rank higher. Therefore, you should guarantee that your website design and development is up to date and following the trends. web sitesi tasarımınızın güncel olduğundan ve trendleri takip ettiğinden emin olmalısınız.

Meta Description

The 'Meta Titles' and 'Meta Descriptions' must be unique and should provide correct info about the content. The URL structure of each pages should be unique as well.

Check The Texts 

Is the website highly readable? Are the headings and subheadings specifically written? 

Content Analysis

The content must be unique and precisely related to the website. 


Off-Page SEO

Links to your site test your website's presence on the internet. Backlink building and competitor analysis should be done accurately and problems should be solved.


Technical Analysis 

You should pay attention to the analysis of different subjects such as data, technical infrastructure, website design at technical analysis step. Besides technical analysis, performance analysis, including server status etc., is also an other vital item.


Compatibility Analysis

Indeed an increasing number of people prefer mobile devices to access the Internet, therefore designing a mobile optimized website has become much more essential than ever before. Compatibility analysis supports SEO analysis as well.


SEO Competitor Analysis 

SEO Competitor Analysis provides information about the situation of the competitors by researching content and other components; identifies the priorities and strategy for SEO optimization.

SEO analysis tools are also useful to analyze the success of your competitors for backlinks and outbound links.

Additionally content analysis for structure and keywords, social media analysis and even website design analysis may provide powerful ideas. 

After the analyzes, you should build the roadmap for creating totally unique content at your website. Never ever 'copy and paste' the content of your competitors!

This is the way to achieve success!

An effective SEO optimization is an excellent marketing strategy which has long term benefits for your business providing that the rules are applied precisely. Otherwise, the success may not last long as planned.

SEO analysis tools provide detailed information for the SEO roadmaps.


SEO Analysis Tool 

SEO analysis tools are listed as both paid and free programs which are used in SEO projects. Although the benefits may differ, the tools offer data for backlink analysis, competitor site analysis, domain name analysis, site ranking, keyword search volume and keyword popularity.

These tools helps to see the problems and possible mistakes in regard of SEO criteria.

However, analysis alone is not enough. There is no miracle with out action. 

Consequently, you should take the necessary actions for revises and corrections.

Google Search Console is one of the examples for these SEO Analysis Tool.

These tools are named such as rank finder, Google rank checker, website rank checker, etc. .

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