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For budget friendly & high sales rates - use email marketing; the most preferred marketing channel by customers!

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves promoting your company, brand, website, service or product via emailing to a list of subscribers or customers. Email marketing can be used to persuade people to take action for unique purposes such as shopping, filling out a form, planning an event, applying for a job, or signing up for a service or product trial. After all the goal of email marketing is to build relationships with customers, drive traffic to a website or store, increase sales, and enhance brand loyalty.

Attract the highest quality leads to your company by increasing your brand awareness using email marketing software!

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Why Should You Start an Email Campaign?

Do You Know?

Do you wonder if email marketing still worth the time and effort you invest? Let's take a look at the numbers and figures together!

300 Billion

Today, approximately 333.2 billion emails are sent per day, resulting in over 3.5 million emails per second.


61% of consumers prefer brands to communicate and make announcements via email.


Email is 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter in acquiring new customers and converting potential customers into existing customers.


Email marketing is a highly profitable field. The average return on investment for every 1 Turkish Lira spent is 38 Tls

Benefits of Email Marketing

Increases Your Brand Awareness

Every email sent puts readers first and significantly increases the likelihood of sales as long as the brand is fresh in the consumer's memory. The opportunity to maintain and increase brand awareness roots from strategic planning, focused content, and attractive design.


In the past, marketing efforts such as billboards, TV commercials, and flashy posters have been very expensive for businesses. However, email marketing channels or email marketing software options are not that overpriced because all you need to send an email campaign internet connection! Email marketing costs are minimal and results in a large profit margin.


When used with best practices, email marketing allows for measurement using accurate statistics such as open, read, and click-through rates, as well as sharing and referral rates. In addition, it tracks each user's behavior, not just a general number of views.

Simple & Practical

From a creative and practical standpoint, creating an email campaign takes less than half a day. Email usage is easy, and planning commercial email marketing campaigns does not require a high level of technical expertise.


Email marketing generates a 127% return on investment (ROI) in business-to-business and business-to-consumer industries and enables the development of potential sales.


Email delivery happens almost instantly compared to traditional direct marketing. Additionally, compared to traditional marketing, emails typically produce responses up to 10 times faster.


Increase list engagement by using dynamic fields. Starting the message with the recipient's name and tailoring the material based on their previous behavior makes them feel more intimate, which motivates them to read your content.

Sending an Email Marketing Campaign

In order to send an email campaign, a few important steps must be taken:

Defining the target audience

Choosing a template

Customizing the template

Targeting the recipients

Conducting a test send

Selecting the delivery date

Analyzing the results.

Proficiency of Our Email Marketing Agency

Email Template Creation

An email template is used to send similar email campaigns. We design templates in accordance with the best practices in the industry and ensure their compatibility with most messaging systems and devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Automated Email Campaigns

Email marketing automation or mailing automation means to send the right message to the right person at the right time. The message is typically sent in response to a customer action, which can be anything from a date to an action. To help you understand, let us give you two simple examples: Case #1 : Birthday Message to a Specific Customer 50% off on your birthday! Case #2: Abandoned cart Message: Don’t forget to pay! & You forgot an item in your cart!


Personalization allows you to tailor the content of the message according to the recipient's profile. The most basic example is adding the recipient's name to the message body, but our experts can personalize every component of your email campaign based on much more specific criteria unique to your company.

A/B Testing

When it comes to choosing the subject of an email campaign, A/B testing is the best way to avoid mistakes. This is especially important because a good subject line has a direct impact on the open rate and, consequently, the effectiveness of your email campaign. The basic idea is to test a few subjects in a subset of the mailing list and then select the best one to send to the rest of the list.

Use the Best Email Marketing Tool, Mailsoftly Mailsoftly'yi Kullanın

Mailsoftly is an email marketing platform designed to perfect email marketing campaigns and ensure smooth mass mailing processes. It is user-friendly with a smooth interface, just like when you write your emails in your daily email account.

As a proper email marketing software Mailsoftly provides many details, including the segmentation of contact lists, sending personalized emails scaled according to the relevant person's data, previewing personalized emails before sending without performing batch operations for bulk data management.

With Mailsoftly, email marketing software, you can also monitor and analyze detailed email statistics created specifically for each person. Additionally, you can take the next step for your campaign using these valuable data in Mailsoftly!

As the best email marketing platform, Mailsoftly aims to provide more than just a service provider. We aim to help you create a personalized communication channel on a large scale with your target audience and assist your business. Thus, you can achieve more interaction with your emails. Deliver your personalized message to the right people at scale and keep the communication going with Mailsoftly!

Achieve Great Success with Albert Solino Email Marketing Service!

Regardless of your business sector or location, your digital presence can be critical to your success. The web is a powerful and cost-effective growth lever that requires less financial resources than other marketing channels. Are you still undecided about investing in email marketing for your company? Here are some important reasons why you should choose email marketing for your business:

Increase Your Revenue and Potential Sales

With the right email campaigns, we attract high-quality potential customers who are more likely to become your customers, thus increasing your revenue and potential sales.

Increase Brand Awareness

We make it easier for customers to find you and increase awareness of your services or products.

Improve Online Reputation

Through the emails we send, we turn your customers into brand ambassadors and loyal supporters.

Growth of Your Website Value

Eposta pazarlaması kulllanarak sitenize müşteri çekerek sitenizi de bir lead makinesİ yani müşteri potansiyeli haline getiririz.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves promoting your company, brand, website, service or product via emailing to a list of subscribers or customers.

How to Conduct Email Marketing?

First of all you should create and organize a valid customer list for email marketing. This list should consist of potential customers who are either using or interested in using your products or services. Otherwise, sending unwanted emails can damage customer relationships and result in negative feedback. Your email should not contain misleading information and should be composed of diverse and relevant content whenever possible.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing represents a strategically taken step compared to traditional communication methods. In other words, it is an effective digital marketing strategy that is more current, measurable, and creative. It enables direct communication with your target audience without the need for any intermediaries. With a well-planned strategy, your email content will provide your brand with high financial and non-financial gains.

Examples of Email Marketing

Most emails sent on behalf of your brand or e-commerce site can be considered as examples of email marketing. There are many examples, such as campaigns and promotions, surveys, newsletters, discount coupons, and special occasion celebrations.

Types of Marketing Emails

Email campaigns, email newsletters, automatic marketing emails (registration or welcome emails), and automatic transactional emails (order and appointment confirmations, event notifications, etc.) are different target audience strategies that you can use for your brand. You can choose different combinations of email marketing types to increase brand communication and interaction power.

Advantages of Email Marketing

We can list the advantages that email marketing will provide to your brand as follows: It provides product and service promotion. Cost rates are quite low. It provides a time advantage. It is known to have a positive contribution to conversion rates. It creates interaction between your brand and customers. It increases site traffic. It contributes positively to the number of customers. It increases the number of loyal customers. It has a more comprehensive user base in terms of customer lists. It offers a much higher return on investment compared to social media and other channels.

What is the Cost of Email Marketing?

As brands have customer contact information, the cost is quite low. You can reach thousands of customers at once with just a fee paid to the email marketing tool.

How Often Should I Send Emails?

In email marketing, it is essential to analyze your customers very well. The best answer to this question is that it will be quite frequent without disturbing your customers. Start slowly at first and observe customer behavior and movements. You can increase the frequency over time.

How Can I Increase Click-Through Rates?

Your email content should be designed to suit your existing or potential customers, i.e., your target audience. Your emails should be interesting, informative, and persuasive while avoiding monotony.

What are Email Marketing Tools?

If you're aiming to conduct email marketing, it means you have a large customer or subscriber list at your disposal. Properly setting your goals, including high-quality content, and analyzing email measurements are the most important criteria. Choosing the right tool is crucial since a quality and healthy analysis will shape your strategies. This is where Mailsoftly comes in - by using email marketing, you can directly increase your digital marketing power.

What is Meant by A/B Testing in Email Marketing?

A/B testing is the only way to statistically prove which email campaign has the greatest impact. Based on these test results, you can evaluate what your target audience likes and dislikes, and quickly optimize your email marketing campaigns accordingly.

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