Albert Solino's Team

The people you share your goals has a great role in reaching your goals.Tell us about your future plans and we will create the roadmap for you. Let's achieve together with our expert consultants! Because for Albert Solino; gathering is the beginning, unifing is progress, collaborating is Victory!

Meet Our Team!

Albert Solino has a solution-oriented team. The quality and applicability of the outputs we offer to our customers and the sustainability of them serves as a mirror. We do not flatter our name "Albert Solino" however we believe in our services and what we accomplish. Our team believes in constant chance and renew of one-self every day by acquiring knowledge and analyzing it for good usage both for individually and company. Our expertise teams serve various industries every day! 





Genel Koordinatör


VP of Finance

Rasim Gufran Ünal

Consulting Division Leader



Esma Çalış

OPEX Manager

Albert Solino Ekibimiz

Our Team

Albert Solino's Team

Vision & Mission of Our Team

The people you share your goals has a great role in reaching your goals.

Our teams consist of valuable team members graduated from prestigious universities, some of whom are studying abroad, and some of them have accomplished very distinguishing achievements in Turkey. Our team, being aware of the importance of learning provides opportunities for development every day with a close relationship with our customers. Dynamism, being solution- oriented and value-oriented are the strongest aspects of our team members. Our teammates have lifelong learning principles within Albert Solino. Individual competency and performance evaluations are organized under the roof of Albert Solino Academy. Our team members have a perspective of continuous development. Our consultant teams provide an extraordinary value to our client company by gained experience in various industries. These different experiences turns into an advantage of revealing innovative perspectives. Most importantly, these experiences are also shared between the team members.

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Check out our Youtube videos on various subjects by our consultant team.

Our entire whole team creates a chain of development & improvement by sharing their experiences with each other. This is one of the fundamentals of Albert Solino family; because Sharing Knowledge is Power Multiplied!