Mergers and Acquistion (M&A)

Acquisition and merger has become an indispensable article on the agenda of companies that wish to  be a step forward in a rapidly changing capital markets. Companies prefer it for increased market share. number of merger and acquisition operations rapidly increase in Turkey and in the rest of the world.

Despite a substantial increase in the volume and quantity of such operations, majority of it fail to yield the expected value of the investing party.

There may be more than on reasons behind it. Lack of integration between companies is the first of it. Corporations undergo radical changes in case of merger and acquisition. Types of operations, financing and application models all change. Experience and know-how is needed for overcoming challenges arising out of or connected to merger and acquisition.

Our approach to consultancy consists of 3 primary phases shaped in the light of your company needs and expectations.

  1. Strategic Due Diligence:
  • Financial and operational standing of the company are both examined in details. Commercial & Market surveys are also performed.
  • Calculation of estimated company value
  • Planning merger strategy
  • Analysis for a potential target company

  1. Financial Analysis
    b. Analysis of organisational differences

    2.    Negotiations

  • Planning and Merger: Providing consulting services in developing a strategy for the conduct of merger and acquisition negotiations, and conclusion a partnership agreement to protect company interests in the best possible manner
  • Planning and implementing integration
  • Mutual agreement on final price and terms of payment and determining partnership structure
  1. Merger and Acquisition Process
  • Reaching a reciprocal agreement on the designated items
  • Due Diligence
  • Generating a merger strategy
  • Giving support for obtaining approvals necessary for agreement from relevant competent authorities
  • Consulting for coordination of legal and taxation matters for concluding final sales agreement
  • Merger and acquisition

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