Human Resources Management And Organization Structuring Management Consultancy

Human resources are, probably, the most important element of the management process because they are main factors of the organization process and the management process. Human Resources Management and Organization Construction Management Consultancy is one of the most critical activities in our customers to which we provide service as Albert Solino Management Consultancy Company. Reconstructing the organization to create the management process of human resources by considering details of human psychology that contribute to the company has the key role in company achievement. Thus, our activities in Human Resources Management and Organization Construction Management Consultancy are seen below:

•    Reviewing and constructing Human Resources Management policies
•    Constructing human resources organization construction
•    Reviewing and constructing salary policies’ processes of human resources
•    Management Consultancy in Human Resources’ premium system practices and construction process
•    Spreading the corporate culture across the company through the human resources
•    Human Resources’ Alteration Management
•    Consultancy in human resources’ career planning, backup and gift management
•    Assigning the right person to the right position through human resources’ personality test practices
•    Creating employee satisfaction questionnaires to measure it
•    Consultancy in the process of determining annual training needs of human resources and management methodology
•    Consultancy in creating human resources’ personal performance systems and measurement methodology

To which extent are your employees familiar to the corporate memory of your company? Or is the corporate memory individuals’ memory?