Digitalisation Consulting

To which extent are your employees familiar to the corporate memory of your company? Or is the corporate memory individuals’ memory?

Is the information exchange and communication as fast as a phone call or do the relevant units have access to the information with even no need for a phone call?

Your customers now want to reach your products and services more rapidly with higher quality while by paying less for this due to the facts like requirements of competition need for access to information. To provide service to the customers at these conditions, you and we aim to reduce essential costs, considering cost of human resources is the most important one among such items, by eliminating waste of time and to ensure efficiency in every business section from communication of the employees with each other and recalling customers, to corporate memory, the company’s total knowledge and gathering learning points so far obtained and documentation, from instant access to production data to the progress calendar of projects.

Digital Transformation is a troublous process for many companies due to changing their substructure and business logic in the use for years. Accordingly, we, as Albert Solino, help you in access to the facilities offered by 21st century to create the right organization with you, along with our proper business partners. We, in cooperation with you, develop customer experience, start automation and optimization processes and improve or update your business model. We aim that you achieve different successes in the future by creating a customer-centered digital strategy in cooperation with you.

Many studies have been conducted on the value resulted from the proper use of smart phones that almost everybody has one, constant internet provision and companies’ digitalization. A study conducted in MIT University in USA shows that companies that have been completed such process are more successful by averagely 26% in value addition and creating profitability.
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