Woocommerce SEO Guide: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Rank #1 

WooCommerce SEO, namely search engine optimization is a highly essential part of a successful ecommerce business. By building a great strategy, a company appears higher on search engine results. With this ranking, reaching more people and target customers becomes easier.

There are many questions popping up in one's head about the SEO use for WordPress such as Do any SEO products work well with WooCommerce? Can you use the WordPress SEO optimizer for your store, or do you need a special WooCommerce SEO plugin?

In order to examine and understand the use of SEO for WooCommerce, we need to mention and go through what WooCommerce is. WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source e-commerce platform built on WordPress. WooCommerce can be labeled as one of the most popular e-commerce solutions in the world. It is a flexible and user-friendly solution so in order to get high rank scores and attract more customers, several SEO practices should be implicated. Within this blog you some main tips are going to be explained and exemplified.


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Tips for Powerful-Well Functioning WooCommerce SEO

  1. Create Unique Product Descriptions: Your description can be regarded as the smallest version of your content. So the description should include vital and important parts of the product, which is going to be sold under your website. Decision of your target consumers is essential and with the product description it will be easy for you to reach these target consumers. Product descriptions are regarded as any other content on your website by search engines and these descriptions provide the keyword for ranking your products. Your deceptions are going to be optimized for your target clients if build appropriately by search engines.
  2. Optimize Page Titles: Page title provides information about what your web-page is about to the customers and search engines. There are many kinds of pages such as categories, products, services, stores etc. Optimizing these pages are important with the criterias. Optimizing the titles with keywords should be natural and spontaneous, since it is going to refer to the clients. 
  3. Enable Breadcrumbs: This phenomena helps visitors to return to the previous page in your website. Breadcrumbs are great for internal linking. Google also determines the site structure and affects how your site appears in the result.
  4. Use Product Categories and Tags: Using proper helps customers to find what they are looking for and you easily. Product categories and tags help you organize products throughout your store. Categories are meant for the broad grouping of your products. If your store is about candles, then categories will be the table of contents. If we consider candles as the product of your online store then categories are going to be like scented candles, cement candles, decorative candles and colored candles. On the other hand, tags are more specific keywords that describe the properties of the product. Such as a candle product can have tags like vanilla scented, decorative, black (as specific color), Hercules sculpture etc.
  5. Make Site Navigation Simple: Simple and well functioning navigation through pages is highly essential. Navigation has an impact on the time spent by the visitor and as we all know that more site activity provides high rankings. If your site consists of many important pages, adding links to footers will be the perfect solution for you.
  6. Short and Descriptive Permalink (slug) URLs: WordPress permalinksshould make URLs accessible to visitors and search engines.
  7. Add Meta Descriptions: Meta descriptions are another way to entice searchers to click. Google generally pulls opening text from your page if you don’t write meta descriptions. In meta descriptions, use motivational words, useful adjectives, deals, and calls to action.
  8. Add Alt Text and Images: Most essential part of SEO is the Alt text. Visitors with blindness and limited vision capability can know what’s in the image via Alt text. Alt text should consist of proper, brief and specific descriptions of the images on your website. If possible, using a keyword may help you gradually. Alt text also provides information about the image accessibility whether it is not loading or blocked by the visitor.
  9. Avoid Duplicate Content: Duplication refers to the similar pages. If you own very similar twp pages, this may harm your content as well as your ratings. Consolidation of these pages is important for a great SEO.
  10. EFind and Use Best WooCommerce SEO Plugins: WooCommerse consists of many plugins and extensions. In order to create well-functioning WooCommerce optimization, the most suitable and rational one should be found. Working with an agent who can help you with choosing the right plugins for your business's growth is highly important. Most asked question is what are the right plugins and here are some few: All in One SEO (AIOSEO), Broken Link Checker, MonsterInsights and TrustPulse.
  11. Using WooCommerce Optimized Themes: Some themes provided by WordPress may not be functional and ideal for your optimization. Few of the best themes are; Astra, Divi and Storefront. Advantages of choosing a right theme can be pointed out as below:
  • Overall architecture will accommodate showcasing products effectively.
  • Overall appearance will be far more coherent & consistent.
  • You won’t have to tweak/play around with certain settings just to get the basic site layout you need for a WooCommerce store working.

Track WooCommerce Customers in Google Analytics: Data is also the most essential part of SEO strategy. Questions that you may ask at this stage are where your customers are finding you? Where did they find your store? What kind of products are they looking for? Google Analytics may help you track all the required information.

13. Optimize Website Speed and Performance: Google considers website speed as one of the most important ranking factors. Slow maintenance of websites affects user’s experiences and this eventually drops the rankings. 

14. Improve WooCommerce Security: Security of a website is the additional point that we have to mention. Google may mark your website as unsafe with warnings if it finds it unsafe and scam. This matter has a great impact on your site’s reputation. WordPress has a security guide for strengthening the protection, so following these procedures is important.

Future Expectations of WooCommerce SEO 

In the future we assume that, in the age of digitalization, SEO practices are going to evolve and develop more and more. In order to keep up with these developments and obtain the reputation required for your business in any area, implementation of above-mentioned strategies and tips are highly recommended by us. Today the most user-friendly, customizable, open-source e-commerce platform is WooCommerce as using such tools with effective strategies will add great value to your website and business. The evaluation and development of new technologies may add other tips and tricks to the Powerful-Well Functioning WooCommerce SEO in the future. We have to keep up with the new developments and act accordingly.