What Is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a metric developed by Moz. It is also known as DA, in short. It has a score that ranges from 1 to 100. And it has an aim to predict a website’s appearance in the search engine results pages (SERPs). While analysing the domain authority, it’s important to know that Google does not use Domain authority to decide the high rate of a website appearance in search results. Domain authority is an important metric but it is not a ranking factor.  

In order to fully understand the subject, we especially need to know some general terms. First of all, let's start by learning terms related to domain (domain name) authority, such as Page Authority, Domain Authority and Spam score.

DA (Domain Authority): It is a value that covers the entire domain value.

PA (Page Authority): It is a value that covers only a certain page.

Spam Score: Spam score is measured according to many criteria, scoring is done according to the number of links coming out of your site, the originality of the content and the penalties received by Google. It is very important that this value is close to zero for a site.

How To Learn Value Of The Domain Authority and Page Authority?

Querying Domain Authority and Page Authority is a fairly simple process. In the following links, there are currently existing websites that you can check:

Why Domain Authority Is Important?

Domain Authority started to be used as a website evaluation criterion, especially after the Google pagerank era ended. This metric arose due to cross-site competition. It was created to determine the strengths of the two sites against each other. Sites with high Domain Authority are expected to rank higher in Google. Although it is not a well-designed, modern website, the fact that some sites rank high on google confirms that there is no relationship between domain authority and google top rank.Your domain name does not evolve in 1 day. Therefore, if you want to increase the domain authority, you should upload regular and quality content to the site you set up on the domain. This point system has nothing to do with google and the scoring has no direct effect on seo studies. Domain authority rises as a result of regular and stable work.

Users are very important for Google. Google wants to provide correct and reliable results for its visitors. Starting from this point of view, your website’s authority effects your ranking results in the eyes of Google. If Google does not realise that your website is important, your website will rarely become the top of search engine results for your target keywords. Thus, if you have more authority, you will have more customers through organic search.

Consequently, if Google considers your website important, you'll get to the top of search engine results for almost all of your target keywords. We can easily say that the authority of your website directly and greatly affects your ability to reach customers. Today, the customer base mostly searches on Google. Therefore, ranking high in searches is the first place that connects you with customers. 

What Do Domain Authority Scores Mean?

Domain Authority is scored by Moz from 1 to 100 (1 bad, 100 most outstanding) using the required year.

1 – 19: Low

20 – 29: Average

30 – 39: Good

40 – 59: A strong site

60 – 80: A very strong site

81 – 100: Great site!

How To Increase Your Domain Authority?

In order to increase the domain authority of your website, you need to plan interactive end to end strategies.

  • Publish Scheduled Content

Publishing content on a planned basis and attracting users to the site on a timely basis makes an authoritative website. It has been observed that an updated website is quite high in domain authority values.

  • Getting Backlinks

Backlink is the most important thing that makes a website authoritative. Backlink is literally the output of a link from another site to your site. A site that receives link traffic from other sites is a candidate to be very strong. For this reason, one of the best ways to increase domain authority is to get a link.

  • Social Media Usage

Produce shared and trending content. Websites shared by someone, browsing links on social media become authoritarian. Because this website means that it has taken an important step towards branding. Google loves familiar websites. When we examine the most popular websites in Turkey, the fact that they are indexed instantly when they publish a content shows that this popular website is constantly visited by Google bots, and even the bots never leave the site.

  • SEO Criteria

The concept of SEO is the process of making your website generally SEO compatible, that is, a site focused on search engines and users. Choosing the right keywords is important of course, but it is also important the keyword density. The keyword density in the content should also be sufficient. You should include the right keywords adequately in the content. Neither too few nor too many keywords should be used.

Win the match!

We can compare it to a football match. No matter how talented your players are, you cannot make a stopper a top scorer. To be the winner of the match, you must play the right player in the right place. When we play the game by its rules, it regularly ranks us up on Google. If there is anything more important than playing the game by the rules, it is to register that we have won the game. When we do SEO according to its rules, it regularly ranks us high on Google, which is a sign that we have won the game.

It is like class headings in trademark registration…

We can liken this selection to the selection of the item list in trademark applications. Think of it this way, you are a t-shirt manufacturer. And of course, you sell your own t-shirts in your shop. To protect your trademark, you must apply for registration in class 25, which covers textile classes. If you choose all 25th class; shoes, hats, all products made of textiles will also be registered under your brand. However, you only sell t-shirts and target people who want to buy t-shirts. Then why does your trademark registration include shoes? And why are you competing with other brands that might be similar to yours for shoes you don't produce? Choose to have the most beautiful shop on a busy street. Kalabalık bir caddede en güzel dükkana sahip olmayı seçin.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority, What Is Next?

Domain authority applies to your entire domain, meaning every page of your site shares the same degree of domain authority. Page authority, on the other hand, is calculated separately for each page of your site, unlike domain authority. In other words, Page authority has only one difference from domain authority; While taking domain authority on your site, it measures all the domains and subdomains of your website, and when you use page authority, it measures the strength of a single page.

The next will be building trust for strong brand equity. The task of brands and digital marketers is not just and only to rise in Google. Brand awareness, the future of rising, is through messages that are delivered to users in larger, long-term ways. 

We are all on the brink of new global change, and we need to be aware of it and prepare for it. Because Google and all other algorithms are made up of semantic networks working together. The future is based on marketing: thinking about the brand as a whole, getting the message to the right audiences, educating users and directing them to the right channels.

Because no minds are the same, no user searches the same way. Everyone has different internal triggers, perceives the world differently, and seeks out for different reasons.

How do we choose, how do we look, how do we act, how do we think, how do we check, how do we link? Google works like the human brain. It considers the relationship between search keywords, networks, customers, websites, links, brand value and more and more.