How To Write A Winning Title On Etsy?

When you start adding a product to Etsy, you must know that listing each item with a title is a crucial element for your success. Why we label titling as a crucial element is going to be explained in this blog.

A customer chooses Etsy in order to buy unique, hand-made, original products of yours so when they look for a specific item, your main objective should be the seller, whose products are going to be found first. If you rank high in the search results, it is obvious that you will sell your products frequently and compete easily with the other sellers. By considering this matter, in order to appear on the 1 page of the search, Etsy title is really important.

Title algorithm in Etsy provides information about your product. The decision about creating a title for each item is essential as well since you can not put an item on sale without the one.


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What Should You Include In Your Item Title?

There are some points that we would like to mention for creating a well functioning title. Before providing you the bullet points, I would like to briefly inform you about what you should include in your title.

The first few words of listing titles have a particularly strong influence on Etsy Search. You have to place correct words and phrases for customers. You should also bear in mind that other search engines are going to find and present your items in accordance with your title. Which is just like the SEO for a web page.

You have to start with basic thoughts and explain in ordinary language since your target client is going to search for a specific product. Your main aim should be answering below questions while deciding the phrases and terms while deciding.

- What is your product?

- What can it be used for?

- How can I use it?

- Where can I use it?

These are simple and ordinary questions. So what we would like to point out is you do not need to over complicate the procedure and use strange words to attract attention. You have to be straightforward and simple. In this process you may use Etsy search as well for finding suggestions that you can use and adopt. But while searching for suggestions by using Etsy search keep in mind that results are only going to provide you the recently searched items not most searched items

Etsy gives 140 character space for a title. You might choose to use the whole, but if you choose to use the whole space, consider the above information; being simple, plain, ordinary and straight forward. As it was mentioned above, being relevant and appropriate is the key factor.

What Are The Characters That You Can Use in the Title

Basically if you are selling a candle, you have to mention that it is a handmade candle in your title. What else can be used in the question?

Just to give an example, considering you are a candle maker and seller you may use the nature, ingredients, essences, fragrance, “hand poured”-”homemade” terms, organic structure, wax quality (bee-wax, soy-wax, paraffin, gel or palm). These terms are directly related to your product. If you named your candle as NUSA DUA Candle, writing NUSA DUA Candle to your candle is not going to be enough since no one is going to search for “nusa dua candle” on Etsy.

How Can You Break Up Your Title

Some sellers use commas for breaking up the title in to phases some are using straight line ( | ). Breaking up the phrases commas or lines do not mean much even if your title is not readable by the customers.

Using upper and lower case letters are also important after the final decision. Using letters properly may help customers read, understand and evaluate your title. In such way you may also highlight the important parts.

Let's take below title as an example for a candle

handmade candle scented homemade candle scented soywax soywax candle with bamboo wick lavender candle interior decoration object

As it can be seen that, reading and understanding the main product of the above title is not easy for a customer. But using the title below makes it more coordinated and rational. This is also; SEO-friendly.

Handmade Candle, Scented Homemade Candle, Scented Soy-Wax Candle, Soy-Wax Candle with Bamboo Wick, Lavender Scented Candle, Interior Decoration Object

We would like to underline that Etsy gives a lot of importance to the first three or four words in your title.

Bullet Points:

By considering above information we can conclude how you can prepare and arrange a winning title can be sorted as;

  • Include your primary keyword at the beginning of the title.
  • Make the title easy and pleasant to read, not stuffed with keywords.
  • Make it short for shoppers to read and relate easily
  • Etsy suggests that if you’re selling artwork, you should put the name of it in your listing description, not your title. Keep your title optimized for searchers that won’t necessarily know the name of your work.
  • The following characters can only be used once in a title: % : &
  • The following characters can not be used: $ ^ `
  • Titles may not contain more than three words in all capital letters.
  • If you're syndicated for Google Shopping, you should also make sure your titles follow the guidelines Google has set for this service.

Importance of Decision Making While Creating the Title on Etsy

Writing a title for your product on Etsy, can also be seen and regarded as the decision you are making on the classification while filing a trademark application. Since I have been working in the field of Intellectual Property for more than 5 years, choosing the right classes and goods & services for our clients had been one of the most essential parts for a trademark application. Before filing the application, you have to decide what you are going to serve, produce, sell and offer to your client with the brand that you choose to work for. Some clients would like to obtain extensive protection and cover all of the classes or some may choose to go with the class headings. Both options are relevant but customizing and limiting the detail is also an important factor since you might face a refusal decision or opposition(s) because of your wide and vague detail. Especially my practice in USPTO showed how this matter is important for this sector. USPTO issues refusal decisions because the class details almost of trademark applications, if they are filed in a wide and extensive way. Examiners request more specific and on point class details for application. For example if you are working in a textile industry and manufacturing wedding gowns, they would like to see the specific area and product in your application detail. In another example you might be a publisher and filed your application for class 09 “electronic publications, downloadable”, there is a risk for being vague according to USPTO practices. You may face a refusal decision and the examiner may ask you to specify what kinds of publications you are going to provide under your trademark. This might be novels, books, magazines or newspapers. What I would like to point out is, your title, just as your class detail, has to be specific, includes primary keywords, simple and optimized.

What Future Holds for Etsy Title Creation Procedure

With the improvement and rise of the digitalization especially after COVID 19 pandemic crisis, online commercials, digital marketing, online shopping, e-commerce gained so much importance for the businesses and business owners whether they are large scale or small. By considering such improvement and impact of digitalization on the businesses, I believe that Etsy as an online marketplace is going to come into prominence. Manufacturers and producers of unique, handmade, original products should maintain their visibility in this market place. In order to maintain this long-term visibility and successful sales, investment to the future is also essential. By considering the above information concerning the title decision and building a well developed title for a product may also offer an insight to the future of your business. After developing a well organized title once, you may implement and apply what you have learned easily for your future activities on Etsy.