How To Find Keywords For Etsy SEO?

There are many steps to purchase when customers buy. The keyword is one of the products that has the product. On Etsy keyword is the most important SEO element for Etsy. It's not so important to use the right word. It is possible to reach the top ranks quickly thanks to the right keywords.

Each keyword is a tool that brings you closer to your customer and increases your sales in the marketplace. Since customers choose more than one path in their purchases, you should pay attention to each path that the customer can choose, namely their keywords. If you choose your keyword strategy in line with the customer's purchasing behaviour and the trends determined by the customer, it is inevitable that you will be successful.


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Basic steps for a logic keyword works:

  1. Step: Find high volume keywords. Start by searching for short tail keywords in your target category.

      Step 2: Try to generate a Long Tail keyword through Short Tail. Focus on keywords that rank 1-7 thanks to Etsy Autocomplete.

  1. Step 3: Search related keywords from analysis programs.

So, what are these keywords mean?

Keywords consist of three main types:

  • Broad Keyword: It is a type of keyword that covers a wide category.
  • Short Tail Keyword: It is a type of short phrase keyword consisting of 1-3 words.
  • Long Tail Keyword: It is a type of keyword that consists of more than 3 words and describes the product more specifically.

The Long Tail logic works completely in reverse. We told you that the search volume of long-tail phrases is low. As can be seen in the graph, we see that the lower the search volume of the relevant keyword, the higher the conversion rate.

The phrase keeps increasing from broad tail to long tail. Accordingly, the product that the customer wants becomes specific and becomes clear. Along with these, the search volume of the word also decreases. For this reason, it is easier to rank for Long Tail keywords and get traffic from them compared to short tail.

If you are a new seller on Etsy, focusing on long tail keywords can be a great opportunity for you. In this way, quickly indexing and catching sales will help you to stand out from the new sellers and gain momentum.

If we list, the advantages of using the long tail keyword;

  • You describe your product more specifically.
  • Competition is low.
  • The purchase rate is higher.
  • Long Tail keywords allow you to rank higher in Etsy search results.
  • Costs are low in advertising strategies.
  • It helps with targeting.

Does Word Repetitions Harm ETSY SEO?

The aim of SEO is to go out as many searches as possible. The way to do this is to use a large number of words on the title and labels. When you use a word more than necessary in the title, labels and product promotions, you will do spam, unnecessary again. "Wedding Necklace, Gold Wedding Necklace, Pearl Wedding Necklace" "spam was made in a product, but even if the algorithm did not detect as a spam, you just appear in the search for“ Wedding Necklace ”. If we continue from our example; If your product is a product that can be used as both a wedding necklace and daily necklace, you will have the chance to go out in different calls, though “Wedding Necklace, Gold Daily Bijouterie, Party Jewellery…”. In the title and labels, the word repetition will damage your ETSY SEO and fail.

As ETSY gains the experience of selling, you will see that you have endless opportunities to improve your SEO skills and help customers find your lists. Whether you are experimenting with different keywords. Whether you are improving your customer service policy, there are always steps you can take to make your store more searched and successful. Always care about customer feedback. Incoming turns will increase your rate. It will always upgrade you to the front row by making your products more prominent.

Best Selling Lists & SEO

When the ETSY algorithm products are sold and receive positive comments, they positively reflect these factors to SEO. For this reason, product lists of experienced shops that have been sold and received comments in the searches usually appear on the first pages. But these are not the only criteria. You can get in front of them with the right SEO. If your shop is new and you think you can't compete with SEO in a competitive market; You can also take your place in the ETSY algorithm by giving your priority to marketing and pulling buyers from social media to the shop.

Etsy Autocomplete, or autocomplete, is a feature in the Etsy search engine that predicts what the customer has already written. The fact that this feature, which is also available on our phones, is on the Etsy platform brings us many opportunities. By analysing the automatically predicted keywords in detail, we can reach keyword predictions with high search volume and long phrases.

You can think of keywords as pathways to your product. That's why you should make sure that your customers use these ways and you should come across your customers with the right keywords. Meeting our customers brings with it a detailed strategy and analysis. Your work is now easy with the analysis programs we will use and Etsy autocomplete logic.

What's Next?

For ETSY, it would be right to call the new Google of shopping. Therefore, another issue that is as important as your products and photos is to list them in accordance with the ETSY algorithm. In order to reach potential customers, we can make your products stand out and reach more customers with the right keyword selections for your ETSY store.

Your products will reach more customers with the right keywords focused on your store and your products.