BING SEO: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

The market share for desktop searches for the search engine Bing is 13.5% in the USA and 9.5% in Germany, making it the second-most popular search engine in the western world behind Google. Because Bing users are older and wealthier than Google users, Bing should not be overlooked in the online marketing mix. In this blog article, you may learn crucial details regarding Bing, Bing users, the key distinctions between Bing and Google, and Bing ranking elements.


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What Is Bing SEO?

Bing SEO stands for the search engine optimization activities to rank in the first page and at the top of the Search Engine Result Page ( SERP ) for any specific keyword search. In other words; if your target is to rank at the Top for Bing searches rather than Google; the undertaken efforts to optimize your webpage for Bing is called Bing SEO.

The way Bing uses search engine optimization is comparable to Google's. On Bing, you can also discover straight answers, highlighted snippets, knowledge panels, and other SERP features.

Microsoft's search engine isn't much less functional than its main rival. The search result pages ( SERP ), for example, only differ in their details. On Bing, search results may be filtered much more easily than on Google. Even those who have never used the Microsoft search engine before will quickly become accustomed to it. The snippets have many characteristics and are highly similar to one another.

Whether or not a website is optimized for search engines is still irrelevant. Webmasters that optimize their websites for Bing are not "penalized" by Google. There is no rivalry between the two businesses in this area. Therefore, it's always a good idea to work on SEO for Bing. To assist website owners, Bing provides the free Bing Webmaster Tools as a user friendly , free SEO tool.

Is it worth to invest is Bing SEO?

Bing has gained sizable market shares, particularly for desktop searches, thanks to the integration of Bing into the Windows 10 ecosystem, such as through the default usage of Bing in the Cortana virtual assistant and as the default search engine in the Edge browser. Bing accounted for over 13.5 percent of all desktop searches in the US in August 2020, 11.5 percent in the UK, and 9.5 percent in Germany, according to StatCounter.

Bing is a search engine with a desktop concentration; it is completely absent from mobile searches.

However, one thing should also be made obvious at this point: Bing truly only contributes to desktop search inquiries; the search engine has no appreciable market share in the mobile space.

This is not the least because Google continues to pay Apple significant sums of money to maintain its listing as the default search engine in the Safari browser on iPhones while Android, which by default uses Google search, predominates on mobile devices. There are rumors that Google is giving Apple significant payments; according to CNCB, the amount was roughly 9.5 billion US dollars in 2018.

Is It Worth To Invest Is Bing SEO ?

Your target market will determine whether you require specific Bing optimization tactics for SEO and internet marketing. 

Google held 85.55% of the market share for search engines by the fourth quarter of 2021 in USA, followed by Bing with 7% and Yahoo with 2.85%.

In USA, Bing increased to 7.61% in the first quarter of 2022, but Google and Yahoo did not change.

9.5% of German internet users use search engines on computers, but just 0.6% do so on smartphones. Additionally, Bing users are more educated than Google users, are male, older, and have better incomes.

To determine how much Bing traffic your website receives, utilize Google Analytics. The data may be found in the reports by selecting "Aquisition" and then "Source/Medium." As it comes to meeting conversion objectives, you can also see how your Bing traffic performs when compared to Google traffic. 

If these figures are encouraging and your website is mostly visited by an older, male, desktop-savvy audience who works throughout the day, investing in Bing Ads and Bing-specific SEO may be profitable.

What Is The Difference Between Bing SEO and Google SEO?

There are some people who always use Bing; they never use Google, not because they prefer Bing, but rather because Bing is Microsoft's default browser; as a result, if they purchase a new computer, they will always use Bing.

Some fundamental SEO methods are the same whether you want to optimize your website for Bing or Google:

  • Your content's relevance is still very crucial.
  • To rank at both search engines, you must continue to produce excellent content.
  • Your H1 and H2 headings still need to be optimized.

On the other hand, there's a few differences between google and Bing SEO ranking factors:

  • As a new registered domain, it is much easier to rank on Bing compared to Google on the first page

As you may have previously observed, a new website may rank on the first page of Bing. which on Google is impossible. Because of Google's "Sandbox period," which makes it extremely difficult to rank a new domain, you cannot rank a new domain there. However, Bing does not have this restriction. This is a feature of Bing—you may instantly obtain the rank.

On the other hand, Google detests new domains, therefore if you try to rank on Google or conduct Google SEO, you'll discover that it's incredibly difficult to do so if your domain is new. So, according to popular belief, this will be known as the "Sandbox Period on Google." As a result of Google giving all new domains a sandbox period, it is extremely difficult to rank on Google if your domain is new. However, Bing does not use a similar sandbox period.

  • Exact match domains are awarded on Bing, whereas Google might find them manipulative

The second is that Bing favors exact match domains, so if you're attempting to rank a phrase like "how to lose weight" and you can secure the domain name "," you'll be at a significant advantage. You'll appear at the top of the SERP very shortly.

Bing indicates that having an exact match domain provides you a significant advantage: So, if you want to target a keyword with low competition on Bing, one thing you can do is just register a domain. You might be able to obtain a ".net" domain, ".org" domain, or "dot anything" domain. The expansion doesn't appear to concern Bing.

All you have to do is ensure that your term appears in the domain name.

Google, on the other hand, doesn't care about this because individuals used to spam the search engine using match domains.

  • Link quality matters on Google whereas it is not that important for Bing.

One other distinction between SEO for Bing and SEO for Google is that the latter tends to give too much weight to the quality of the links. It essentially implies that, regardless of how good quality the connections are, you can send a lot of backlinks to Bing from places like blog comments or even directories and rank your website very rapidly.

If you use Google SEO, you are aware of how much importance Google places on link quality. That is why you cannot simply comment on blogs at random or submit your website to directories at random to get your website ranked on Google.

  • Backlinks are discovered much more quickly for Google.

Google and Bing provide very different backlink results, according to analyses. This is due to Bing's low market share in most countries ( except USA ), where it crawls pages less frequently. Therefore, finding backlinks requires more time. For instance, Google needs between 24 hours and 2 weeks, but Bing might take up to 6 months to discover a new backlink.

The Advantages of Bing SEO

  • Bing is backed up by Windows 10

The intimate relationship to Windows 10 also has some promise; did you know that the Windows background image changes every day? 

With one click, you may get further information and are taken immediately to the related Bing search result page. Additionally, a website that ranks for this keyword should anticipate a rise in organic traffic. Similar to Google Doodle, but frequently for internet users that browse during business hours.

For instance, Microsoft's speech service Cortana, which is a part of Windows 10, utilizes Bing to deliver search results. When you ask Cortana a question, the search engine will forward you its responses. This also applies to more complicated inquiries, such as figuring out a path from point A to point B. Cortana, though, has a considerably lower function than Alexa or Siri do.

  • At Bing, the competition is much less fierce for highly sought-after terms.

SEO that is created expressly for Bing keywords has a considerably higher likelihood of success. Particularly for keywords for which website owners have little to no chance on Google, Bing optimization might be done with less work. Under the appropriate conditions, small enterprises may carve out a position in this market that is no longer serviced by Google.

  • Usually, less work is required for optimization, which results in cost savings for businesses.

The search engine optimization on Microsoft benefits from a significant fact. The majority of professional firms and private webmasters focus on the market leader. This is unrestricted and will stay with Google for many more years. Unavoidably, an SEO will always put the industry titan first. Therefore, website owners will have to cope with the complexities of Google SEO. Bing is frequently overlooked or excluded from these discussions. Hence; it is much less complicated doing SEO for Bing rather than for Google. Less complications mean less cost in terms of the time spent and money given out for SEO specialists.

  • It doesn't take long to switch over because there aren't many distinctions from Google SEO.

Bing is based on the portfolio of other search engine operators. Searchers can thus search the Internet with their queries for web results from websites. But the program also includes an image search with image ranking, videos, news, shopping offers or maps. Its own map service Maps works in a similar way to Google's competitor and can also calculate routes, display different views and much more. The search engine is available on all device types and classes and in all browsers . The search results look similar to other search engines.

Website owners often don't need to make many adjustments to their past SEO practices in order to take Microsoft's search engine offer into consideration.

With Bing you can do the same thing as Google and check the same metrics like clicks, impressions etc. - it's just a different search engine.

Despite the increasing number of users, Bing is not optimized as often as Google in most of the countries. This is evident when you compare the results from Google and Bing. You can also see what you can still optimize with Bing from an SEO point of view and that the search queries on Google and Bing are not exactly the same, but the interests of the users differ. You should always take this into account.

You need to comprehend what Bing is all about, just like any other SEO. Learn what factors Bing considers when rating your website, then check it against these standards and make the necessary adjustments.

How Does the Bing Search Algorithm Work?

This is how the Bing algorithm works:

Indexing is the initial stage in generating traffic from Bing, as stated explicitly by Bing. Making sure that Bing has indexed all of your website's key pages is the first step if you want to rank in Bing.

Do a search on Bing to confirm this. You can check right away how many pages on your website have been indexed.

You'll often discover that Bing is aware of the majority of your sites as well, unless you're experiencing indexing troubles with Google. However, it can take some time for Bing to identify and crawl your site if it's brand-new. Self-submit your website to Bing to expedite the process.

Bing firmly thinks that user involvement serves as a statement of authority and trust. They gauge it by a process called "pogo-sticking." When someone searches, clicks on one of the results, and then clicks back to the search results, this happens.

Pogo-sticking frequently is a negative indicator and will destroy your leaderboards. A low amount of pogo-sticking, or when visitors don't go back to the search results, is a strong search indicator that will raise your ranks.

Bing has compiled the six most important ranking factors in the Webmaster Guidelines. And these look like this:

  • Relevance

Relevance measures how well the information on your website corresponds to search terms. But it's also crucial to consider the purpose behind a comparable search query. This includes terms that match both on the page itself and in links leading to it.

Additionally, Bing offers acronyms and synonyms with similar meanings but not precise matches to search terms.

  • Quality and credibility

How well or poorly your website is ranked also depends on the authority and quality of its content. For instance, articles on your site containing citations and references will be given a better quality ranking than ones without sources.

Additionally, if a piece of material uses vulgar or offensive language, Bing may lower it.

  • User engagement

User involvement is one more element of the Bing algorithm. Bing monitors whether visitors looked for particular results, how long they stayed on those results, and if they promptly navigated back to Bing after seeing a website.

It matters to Bing whether consumers modify and rephrase their queries. Therefore, the connection with the search engine and the websites discovered is crucial.

  • Timeliness

In essence, Bing prioritizes websites with recent updates or information above those that are essentially yesterday's snow today. This implies that site administrators should always prioritize current information.

  • Current location

Bing also considers the user's present location, including the nation and city, when determining rankings. As a result, it matters where a page is hosted, in what language it is written, and from what country or area other site visitors are.

  • Page load time

Many internet users have an incredibly short attention span. Users may thus leave the website before the material has fully loaded due to slow page loading speeds.

This might be categorized by Bing as either a poor user experience or an unsatisfactory search result. Therefore, it is important for site administrators to focus on loading pages as quickly as feasible.

How to Optimize SEO for Bing?

Here is a practical tip list for a neat Bing SEO. Please check out our 7 Tips and hacks to optimize SEO for Bing:

  1. On every page, include keywords in the title and html elements. Each page should be thoroughly optimized for the correct keywords according to Bing. If your sites are correctly optimized, you will score well in Bing search results.
  2. Improve the content of your titles and descriptions. The title tag is very important to Bing. Be aware that Bing frequently selects the titles for the search results on its own, as opposed to taking the title straight from the HTML element. Bing itself offers the following guidance to guarantee that the title you want is displayed in SERPs
  3. Try to put your target terms in the important HTML tags, but use narrow variations instead of one and the same search term.
  4. Keyword-rich anchor text Bing advises "using relevant keywords whenever possible" and regulating link anchor text. According to SearchMetrics, up to 53% of the top 30 websites on Bing have terms in their anchor text, which is 10% higher than Google.
  5. Linking to and promoting on social media. Driving traffic to your sites via social networks is not viewed as a concern by Bing because social signals are so essential to them.
  6. Posting Links on Old Sites . Domain age inspires trust and is one of the main factors determining domain authority.
  7. Links,.gov, domains are preferred since they are seen as natural and have the potential to direct genuine visitors to your material.

Frequently Asked Questions for Bing SEO 

  • How to Rank YouTube Video in Bing?

It all comes down to providing the search engine with enough details so that it can understand what the material is about and when to display it. So ranking Youtube Videos in Bing is straightforward , if you put the contextual integrity of the article with the Youtube video embedded in the article.

  • Will Google punish me for incorporating Bing into my website?

No, you shouldn't anticipate a decline in Google traffic. Instead, Bing gives you access to a new avenue and increases your options. Like you do for the Google results in the Google Search Console, you have the chance to better monitor your site and improve it for Bing using the Webmaster Tools. The performance on Google is unaffected.

  • How do I increase my Bing ranking?

You must find out what the search engine needs and make sure your website is optimized for those elements if you want to improve your Bing rating.

  • Is the Rich Snippet function the Same for Bing as in Google?

The star ratings are still displayed by Bing as a rich snippet in the search results, although at Google this is currently only feasible for third-party providers. The meta description on Bing is significantly lengthier than on Google, and the snippets are often longer and more text-heavy.

  • Should I use Bing or Google?

Many marketers have discovered that traffic from Bing converts more favorably than traffic from Google, which may have something to do with the fact that the typical Bing population is older and therefore has more disposable income.