Bing's Search Ranking Factors: How To Rank On Bing

Bing is the one of the most popular search engines besides Google. Appearing on the first page of it can be hard but it’s worth to try since it’s important to exist on Bing, too. 

But how can you exactly do that?

Let us explain…


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What Is Microsoft Bing?

Bing is a search engine created and operated by Microsoft. It replaced former search offerings like MSN Search, Live Search, and Windows Live Search. Microsoft Bing provides web, image, video, and map search functions. Bing was first introduced in May 2009. Today, it's the second-largest search engine in the world and has a global market share of 7%

Unlike Google, Microsoft made its algorithm open source in 2016, so everyone can see and reach the information about what goes into ranking for Bing.

We may give one user of both Google and Bing experience. User ‘s ranking in Google SERP with the decided keywords took more time than Bing’s ranking. Since there is less competition on Bing, there are more opportunities for ranking high. In this example, the user also stated that the Bing traffic converts really well. This might be cause of the visitor demography. It is stated that the most users, who are using Bing, are above 35 and with high income.

Bing Ranking Factors

According to Bing webmaster guidelines ranking factors can be lined as below:

  • click-through rate
  • user engagement
  • social signals 

These are important factors if you want to rank on Bing search

How Does Bing Find & Index Your Site? 

Sitemap : Sitemap can be regarded as file full of information about URLs, pages and other contents. Sitemap shows which file and pages are essential on your website and also provides information about the webpage update & usable language versions to the search bots. By using Bing Sitemap tool, you may submit your website and after that Bing regularly scans it.

Content Submission API: You may use this or Bing URL index new, updated, or deleted content on your site. You can submit the URLs by adding them to your sitemap or through Bing Webmaster Tools.

Tweet about Bing SEO: The robots exclusion standard or robots.txt is a standard that tells Bingbots which URLs the crawler can access on your site. It’s mainly used to manage crawler traffic. For example, telling Bingbot not to crawl members-only pages on your site.

Links: Browsers follow internal links within your site and external links from other websites to find new content on your site. Bing recommends linking every page to at least one crawlable page.

How to Optimize Your Website for Bing SEO 

  • Claim Your Business on Bing Places: Main aim by claiming your business on Bing Places is delivering relevant local search results
  • Get Verified: In order to get listed on Bing you have to be in the business for a while. After such a term you will be able to add your business to the specific listing and Bing will publish your listing.
  • Using Keywords:  Using relevant keywords is also the essential part of Bing’s algorithm. This algorithm is not developed by Google but it gives importance to the exact matching keywords. It will be advisable to add relevant keywords a few times, use descriptive texts and create secondary keywords matching with the primary one.
  • Add High-Quality Images & Include Multimedia Content: Add highly qualified images, multimedia and videos of your service, products in order to draw attention of the users. In the content creation procedure including relevant images and videos is also essential. Bing extracts information from captions, titles, transcripts, and structured data. Because of this matter you may choose to use Alt image text to describe what the image is about. Also adding captions, titles, subtitles provide context for Bingbots.
  • Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews: Reviews are always the essential part of every business. Customer reviews can help your website and business evolve by influencing other target customers, who are not sure yet. Experiences, quality, authenticity of your service or product can be described via reviews. Do not worry and be anxious about the negative comments since having all 5-star stores may not be rational for others.
  • Use Bing Webmaster Tools URL to Index Your Site: You may index your website by using Bing’s Webmaster Tools. You may use XML sitemap or insert a link to the sitemap in the robots.txt file.
  • Tag & Categorize Your Site: For users with specific concerns, needs and search using categories and tags in your site makes it much easier to understand the relativity and what they are looking for. This content organization also provides Bing’s algorithm an insight. 
  • Build Backlinks: As we know, backlinks are important for any search engine. Bing evaluates links as a sign of popularity. On the contrary to Google, which prioritizes link quality over quantity, Bing grants privilege to organic and quality links that are already trusted by the users.
  • Social Media Profiles Integration: Social signs are also regarded as the authority signs on Bing. Because of this matter, integration of social media is also important for building and maintaining the Bing SEO strategy. You may use tools to connect your social media accounts and via this integration you can share your website posts on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. automatically. This may also increase your accessibility and may help you to find your target customers.

Future Opinions About Bing and SEO

As it is described and explained above, Bing holds and offers SEO advantages to the users. Since it is being used by people above 35 and with high income, it can grove eventually and gradually in the future. By pining essential elements and terms of using SEO on Bing early (before every other part) you may receive the attention you seek for your website easily. We believe that there will be another platforms and search engines in the future but today we need to start the implementations and listen to other users' experiences. By doing so, you may allocate your site in every aspect and create a powerful website for your business. We also know that there might be changes and different kinds of requirements for Bing SEO in the future as well, with the user population. In order to keep up with those upcoming requirements, you may start taking your place now and activate the well-functioning SEO procedures.