What is Amazon SEO?

We have said that SEO studies aim to stand out in search engines. However, Amazon SEO is the work of optimising listings in order to improve your organic ranking in search results on Amazon. Amazon SEO provides better rankings, more visibility for your products. This results in more clicks and more sales. Just like in Google, buyers enter keywords to find the product they are looking for in Amazon, and they often click on the first place among the results, as in Google.: How to Rank Better for Amazon Searches.


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How Can I Make My Products More Visible on Amazon?

Choosing the right keywords is very important for your products to appear higher on Amazon. When listing your products, you need to guess and choose keywords that buyers can use while searching. Amazon pays close attention to these keywords when deciding which products to list in a search result. This is because consumers type certain keywords into the search bar and want to see related products right away. To do keyword research, you can use apps that tell you what is most searched for on Amazon. You can use applications such as KeywordTool.io, MerchantWords, Sonar, Viral Launch.

What is next?

Another way to rank high on Amazon is to persuade people to buy after they've attracted you to the product. You can do this by creating product pages that clearly explain product features and benefits. Amazon always highlights sellers who sell a lot.

Amazon also highlights sellers who have received many positive reviews for their products. If you have lots of reviews, it's a signal to Amazon that people like your product and find you helpful.

How to Determine Amazon SEO-Focused Product Name?

Product titles are the most important keywords. That's why you should choose the words that are most relevant to the product. Headlines should be clear, understandable and compelling. A word should not be used more than once in the title. The preferable features of the product should be highlighted.

How to Upload Amazon SEO Focused Product Image?

The quality of product images is as important to Amazon as it is to customers. It is among the factors that affect the probability of clicking on your product from the search results and their purchasing behavior. Amazon reviews the quality of images or photos when listing products. The product should fill 85% of the square. Make the details of the product stand out more by drawing it on a white background. Your images should match the title of the product. It should not be blurry, pixelated or have cut edges. The image should be able to give all the details about the product and should not leave a question mark in the mind of the customer.

How Can I Show My Products Higher in Amazon Searches?

In addition to the above criteria, it is also very important that the expressions you choose on the product pages are original. Using similar expressions with sellers selling the same product may cause you to fall behind in searches. If you comply with the criteria set by Amazon, your products will rank higher in searches and you can attract more visitors.

What Are Other Factors That Will Increase Sales on Amazon?

Bildiğiniz gibi Amazon dünyanın en büyük pazar yerlerinden biri ve milyonlarca üyesi ve çok sayıda satıcısı var. Her gün tüm dünyada milyonlarca ürünün satılması Amazon'daki rekabet ortamını ve başarı şansını da güçlendiriyor. Amazon, satışlarını artırmak için satıcıların dikkat etmesi gereken bazı noktalara dikkat çekiyor. Amazon SEO nasıl yapılır? Bu noktalar;

  • Clear and high-quality images,
  • Remarkable product details and descriptions,
  • Effective placement, that is, classification of products in the right category,
  • Competitive prices and cargo campaigns on similar products,
  • Customer service quality,
  • Analysing competitors,
  • Using Amazon's targeted advertising services.


Q: Let’s think that you actually tried a variation of method: 1000 / Total number of search results x Number of 1st page BSR <300,000, with anything over 3 a possibility. One thing you were a bit unclear about was when searching within "All Departments" and counting BSRs<300,000, should you ignore non-books? : 1000 / Toplam arama sonucu sayısı x 1. sayfa BSR sayısı <300.000, 3'ün üzerinde bir olasılık. Biraz belirsiz olduğunuz bir şey, "Tüm Departmanlar" içinde arama yaparken ve 300.000'den az BSR'yi sayarken, kitap olmayanları görmezden mi gelmelisiniz?

A: Yes, you ignore non books. You are looking to see if books in your niche are making a sale to see if there’s a market for the book you’re going to create.

Q: Do you suggest I use a pen name for my online publishing business or my real name?

A: Either is ok but we prefer pen names.

Q: How do I know that low competition isn't just because nobody is interested in that topic? For example, I typed in words like "Hellenistic Age" and "Classical Age" and got low competition numbers. But how do I know that's not just because no one on Earth is interested in the Hellenistic Age or the Classical Age?

A: We are sure in those examples that would likely be the case. You could only find that out definitively by using paid tools such as Publisher Rocket or Helium 10 that would give you an estimate of the actual monthly search numbers on Amazon.

Q: I do have a brand and some people know about it. Do you recommend putting the brand name first or the main keyword first? Where should I put my brand name on the product title on amazon?

A: Always put your brand name first. It's recommended.

Q: I am only getting orders when I have put aggressive bits. But the Auto campaign got out of budget in a few hours without giving me a sale. What should I do?

A: From your first point, you could have a very competitive market. You never want to enter a competitive market, unless you have a very big budget and a very good product. The auto campaign is there to gather data more than anything. You're gathering keywords that you may have missed and targeting the keywords that are doing well. If you're not converting, either there's a better option in terms of price or listing. But most likely it's the competitive market you may be in that's making it difficult because you're up against big sellers with a lot of reviews and more budget than you.