About Us

Albert Solino is an international consultancy and software company operating with 6 offices in 3 continents, primarily in the USA, Europe and Eurasia.

Its founders, Erden Tüzünkan and Alkan Balkaya, are two friends who studied in the same department at the university. “Let's set up our own company!” Thinking about the dream of these two friends frequently, Albert Solino laid the first foundations of the company. It was established for the development of products and services that increase the competitiveness of companies.

Story Behind The Name

As a company, we always believe that problems can be solved. Sometimes problems may seem like they cannot be solved, but when you change the order, you can come up with solutions to those problems with different perspectives. Albert Solino, the name of “Albert” comes from Albert Einstein who is one of the smartest men in the world. And “Solino” comes from “solution” and “innovation”. As Albert Solino, we change the order and come up with innovative solutions.

Vision & Mission

We offer and develop products and services that increase companies' performances. When companies come to Albert Solino, they definitely provide a significant value to their companies with our services or software products in return.

Our biggest goal as vision is to be one of the leading companies in the world with our consultancy and software. We listen and understand our customers, and produce permanent solutions to their problems. Albert Solino's most fundamental value is to create value. In our eyes, if the generated value is not implemented, it is not a value in our eyes.

As Albert Solino, we develop ourselves with the principles of continuous learning, innovation and application. We add strength to our strength by ensuring the development of our customer companies.

We operate in Turkey, America and other parts of the world and what is NOT important to us is race, language, gender etc.

Our Services

We help companies to take the future of their companies one step ahead by understanding what they need to do to improve their performance and become more effective at doing business. With the advantage of being a software company, we can embrace events from two sides and offer the most appropriate service to our customers.

Most companies in Turkey are family businesses. Different problems can be encountered in each generation as it is passed down from generation to generation. Institutionalization consultancy in family companies is a comprehensive consultancy. We consider issues between families working in the company, and also the whole company as an outside eye. Companies that try to comply with the legislation can still benefit from our services.

Turquality is Turkey's first and only branding program. Turquality provides support at the point of how the company should be structured. We highlight the basic elements of international branding.

We have many services under the sub-headings of management consultancy;

  • Human resources processes,
  • Creation of norm staff,
  • Individual performance,
  • Digitization of sales processes

Our products are;

  • Our strategic planning software,
  • Our individual performance system software,
  • OKR system,
  • CRM
  • Marketing automation,
  • Inventory management

As Albert Solino, we were established in 2007 by targeting SME scale companies. We provide services in many different areas including finance, IT, retail and business services. We have customers from large-scale companies to SME-sized companies. With the digitalization brought by today, our technology-oriented services have started to increase and we offer our services in this field in the highest quality. We are able to evaluate each sector separately without experiencing sectoral differences.