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Albert Solino supports your company with its original products & unique services both for corporate and organizational growth & development with the aim of turning your vision to reality.

Albert Solino Consulting

As Albert Solino, our goal is to evaluate each sector independently and exchange the collected data between sectors in order to produce more innovative and sustainable solutions; finally, we achieve different perspectives. By means of this method, Albert Solino managed plenty of outstanding projects and process to do so!

As Albert Solino, it is our primary priority to listen and understand our customers; then we provide permanent solutions to their struggles with innovative perspectives.

Human Resources Management Consulting

Human Resources Consulting is an indispensable business line that fulfills significant functions for institutionalized or partly institutionalized companies. Our Human Resources Consulting service handle the whole process in a way responding to the requirements of institutionalization, sustainability, optimum cost and customer satisfaction.

Employees can be defined as the main capital of a firm; manage your essential capital more effectively and efficiently with the perspective of Albert Solino Human Resources Management Consulting.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Tek tip herkese uyan bir Dijital Pazarlama Danışmanlığı değil, her müşterimizin web sitesine özel dijital danışmanlık yapıyoruz. Şeffaf süreç yönetimimiz, müşterilerimizin Dijital pazarlama danışmanlık hizmetlerinden en iyi şekilde yararlanmalarına yardımcı olmaktadır.

A digital media consultant manages your company's online reputation. Performs social media and community management. A professional digital media consultant boosts your brand awareness positively impacts your overall marketing plans.

Social Media Agency

Sosyal medya yönetimi, içerik oluşturma, yayınlama, katılım ve bahsetmeleri (mention) izleme, bir müşteri ve influencer topluluğunu genişletme ve çabalarınızın neticelerini raporlama ve çözümleme sürecidir. İşletmenizin hedeflerine bağlı olarak bu süreç, Facebook’tan YouTube’a kadar yalnızca bir veya birçok fazla kanalı kapsayabilir.

Albert Solino olarak, sosyal ağlardaki en son iletişim trendlerinin takibindeyiz: yeni formatlar, ton trendleri, yazı, grafik stillerinin gelişimi… Hedef kitlenizin dikkatini başarılı bir şekilde çekmek için çalışırız.

Management Consulting

Certain deficiencies may arise at the current or developing status of company structures. For instance, reviewing job descriptions in existing departments, the need for a new department, new job descriptions; inefficient use of the budget, disruption of activities or insufficient technological infrastructure. As Albert Solino Consulting, 
we create tailor-made solution for such problems...

Albert Solino Provides Solution Oriented and Innovative Management Consulting Services…

Management Softwares

Albert Solino provides management solutions to companies with its original CRM and OKR software. The CRM system contributes insight for segmentation of your customers and services a general context for more profitable customer groups. In OKR Software, management professionals set goals to force the team members in the aim of leaving their comfort zone, which improves the team's cross-functionality. Therefore team members achieve real results much faster and much easier.

Set the targets, master the goals and accompolish success with your team!

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Human Resources Consulting

Albert Solino Expert Consultant Team

The people you share your goals with will have the key points in reaching your targets. Tell us about your company's future plans, we will create the roadmap for you. Let's achieve the goals together with our expert consultants! Because for Albert Solino; gathering is the beginning, unifing is progress, collaborating is Victory!

Albert Solino Consulting

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