Design Center Consultancy Services

Design Center Description: legal or business center of capital companies in Turkey (Limited or Corporation)
• Organized as a separate unit within the organizational structure,
• In domestic design activities
• Designing staff equivalent to at least 10 full time equivalent,
• Design and support staff will be in the design center
having mechanisms
• Design Center is the unit with Design Projects.

Description of the Design Project: The purpose and scope of the project, the general and technical definition is created, duration, budget is determined, design activities are determined, within the framework of scientific principles by the designer

Definition of Design Activity: All of the innovative activities aimed at enhancing, developing, improving and differentiating the functionality of products or products, which have the potential to create added value and competitive advantage in the field of industry and other areas deemed appropriate by the Council of Ministers.

Design Centers within the scope of Law No. 5746 on Supporting Research, Development and Design Activities; “Design was founded to realize their design projects or activities carried out on the basis of orders under the contract and taxpayer organizations, including business locations in Turkey, legal or business center in Turkey of capital company; It is organized as a separate unit within the organizational structure, it is defined as the unit with sufficient design accumulation and capability, employing exclusively design personnel in the number of full time designated by the Council of Ministers and exclusively in the domestic design activities. You can take advantage of these supports by getting the design center installation project consultancy. Contact us for more information.

In order to be a Design Center, necessary preparations are completed and T.C. The Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry should prepare an application document showing future plans. This process should be carefully managed so that you can benefit from these rights in a timely and seamless manner. Our consultancy A yürümedan Z is in the form of walking with our client from the beginning to the end of the project. Contact us to get information about our consulting package and to take advantage of these supports.

Only the hizmeti Design Center Technical Management da and / or y Design Center Financial Management ”services can be provided to the enterprises which have realized the tedir Design Center Certification leri process or have provided this service from another external source. Please contact us to get more detailed information about these issues.

Minimum Requirements for an Enterprise to Establish a Design Center:
1) To have at least 10 Full Time Equivalent Design staff to work as designer and technician in Design Centers established under Law No. 5746

2) The design activities of the design centers within the scope of the Law shall be realized in Turkey,

3) The applicant company; the ability to manage technological assets, human resources, intellectual property, project and information resources with adequate design management,

4) The personnel working in the design center have the mechanisms to make physical control of their work in these centers,

5) The design of the center, duration, budget and personnel needs identified programs and projects,

6) The design center is organized as a separate unit and is located in a single campus or physical space.

(a) In the event that the enterprises have more than one design center organized as a separate unit within the organizational structure, separate applications are made for each design center.

(B) design activities in Turkey Exclusively for businesses to set up design center is also not required to be available to an establishment engaged in the production or trade.

Application Time: Businesses can apply for a Design Center at any time during the year. These applications shall be evaluated and finalized within 60 days at the latest.

Advantages of Establishing a Design Center for Companies
The incentives and exemptions provided to firms within the scope of the establishment of Design Center by Law No. 5746 are as follows.
Design Reduction: All of the expenses incurred as a result of design activities are deducted for determination of corporate income.
Income tax withholding incentive: 95% for postgraduate and master’s degree personnel, 90% for graduate or master’s degree personnel and% 80 for other staff, withholding tax at the rate of time allocated by staff for R & D activities. .
Insurance Premium Support: You are entitled to the Insurance Premium Employer calculated based on the fees of the investigators, software developers and R & D personnel working under the Law.