Corporate Finance

Albert Solino is an International Corporate Finance, technology and consulting company. Management consultancy and Strategic counseling give clients a system. With Tax and Accounting Consultancy, companies provide a healthy balance sheet structure. Funds are provided to companies through Public Offering, Bond Issuance and Corporate Finance.

Former Deputy Chairman of the ISE (Stock Exchange Istanbul), who is the dean of the Corporate Finance sector. Inspire led Akbulut, Advanced Capital, CMB and CMB Corporate Rating Credit Rating Financial Advisory team of specialists with the License is Turkey’s most experienced and successful corporate finance company.

Albert Solino, Corporate Finance Services under the following headings:

Public Offering Consultancy
Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting
Bond issuer consulting
Sukuk Export Consulting
Investment consulting
Project Financing
Sell ​​& Lease Back Consultancy

In the last 1 year of Albert Solino Corporate Finance, the amount of funds gained to its customers through Corporate Finance operations in Energy, Natural Gas, Holding and Education Sectors has exceeded 130 million TL