About Us

Albert Solino, is a global provider of specialized consulting services in the areas of  Fund Raising, Corporate Finance, IT, Management Consultancy and Outsourcing Services. We completed 500+ consulting projects with a total fund raising amount of more than 200M $.
We are a collection of engineers who have MBA’s and Ph.D. degrees from the world’s top universities. We define ourselves as “management engineers” who are passionate about changing the world by starting doing the right things in the right way.
The effective management and right strategy are the key elements of our success. We deliver concrete results for our customers with experienced and dynamic team of international background in 3 continents and finally in Silicon Valley which has the unique ecosystem promising innovation and numerous opportunities for companies.
Albert Solino works as an accelerator assisting you to enter to the US Market in an efficient and fast way;
•    We can help you found a new company in Silicon Valley.
•    We can help you develop your business in 3 steps:
o    Creation of a Lean Start Up Strategy
o    Delivering the product market fit.
o    Creation of a Strategic Plan and execution.
•    We help you raise funds not just because you need money but you must have a strategic partner and mentor that will guide you through your journey.
•    We have a very exclusive and limited fund that aims to invest especially in some specific SAAS and IOT businesses.

We operate globally with offices in;
•    USA
•    Turkey